Ensuring Compliance with Automated Testing Systems

Automated testing systems ensure compliance with the demanding requirements placed on tests and system operation. Recent years have seen a sustained increase in the number of tests required. At the same time, the demand for further reductions in specimen throughput times is as strong as ever.

Overview of Robotic Testing Systems

ZwickRoell's automated testing systems help satisfy these requirements. ZwickRoell has developed a modular system for robotic testing systems that allows the required tests to be carried out efficiently and reproducibly. Solutions can be customized using standard components. A team of experts ensures the high availability of the automated testing system.

ZwickRoell Automation

  • ZwickRoell has an extremely large range of automated testing systems with a wide variety of features to suit all applications.
  • Thanks to parallel processing of specimens, ZwickRoell automated systems deliver test results much more quickly than automated systems with a conventional software architecture.
  • Graphic visualizations transmit the system status in real time to mobile devices such as iPads.

Why Automate?

  • Eliminating operator influence means high test result reproducibility
  • Qualified laboratory staff are relieved of routine activities, making them available for more complex tasks
  • Unsupervised system operation 24/7 ensures consistently high testing laboratory efficiency
  • Main objectives of ZwickRoell automation: improve testing quality, increase productivity, maintain flexibility.

ZwickRoell Automation

With ZwickRoell automation, specimens awaiting testing are manually sorted into magazines. From this point everything takes place automatically, right up to sorting the specimen remains for inspection if required. This relieves qualified laboratory staff of routine activities, leaving them available for more demanding tasks.

Depending on requirements, additional measuring devices can be integrated into this sequence, particularly ZwickRoell’s cross-section measuring device with four independent, automatically applied measuring transducers for precise determination of cross-sectional area.

Graphic visualizations transmit system status in real time to mobile devices such as tablet PCs. This allows full process control via all current browser programs. Visualization increases the efficiency of the robotic testing system by reducing idle time.

The modular design of the robotic testing system allows manual tests to be performed with the machine whenever required.

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