Torsion drives from 2 Nm to 2,000 Nm are available for torsion tests on materials or components. ZwickRoell supplies a variety of testing machines to cater for different requirements, including varied installation options.

These torsion drives were developed as a modular system, making them suitable for retrofitting also. A Master test program for multiple test axes plus a graphical sequence editor for four test axes are available in the testXpert III testing software. For pure torsion tests there are the TorsionLine testing machines with horizontal testing axis and optional weight loading unit. Users of all these machines have the benefit of testControl measurement and control electronics.

The modular design allows retrofitting of torsion drives whenever required.

Key Advantages and Features

  • Modular design allows retrofitting of torsion drives as and when required
  • Operation with standard PC or laptop (no additional interface card required) and testXpert III testing software
  • High-resolution rotation angle and travel measurement
  • Easy handling and user-friendly operation for maximum flexibility
  • Synchronization of both test axes
  • Optional CE-compliant safety device for use with hazardous specimens and / or higher rotational speed

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