BONDCHECK is a Multi-Mode Bond Testing Flaw Detector

Baugh & Weedon’s BONDCHECK is a bond testing flaw detector that works at multiple different modes. The system can be used for the accurate and rapid inspection of MIA bond, pitch-catch and resonance testing modes.

The BONDCHECK comes in a compact, lightweight casing and all three modes are operated via the same, user-friendly interface. The system is perfect for bond testing in the field or for lab-based analysis.

Simple to Use Menus and Icon System

The menu system is highly intuitive, meaning the BONDCHECK can be quickly operated. In addition, users can choose which soft key menu items they would like to add to the quick-access side bar, allowing frequently-used operations to be easily accessed.

Four different soft keys can be assigned to different functions, and a fifth key is used to display the last function used, providing a high level of customization and usability. Two hard keys on the front panel can also be assigned to a function, allowing access to important functions at the touch of a button.

Large, Daylight Readable, Configurable Color Screen

The BONDCHECK displays information on a large, high-resolution LCD color screen (14.5 cm / 5.7”, 640 x 480 pixels) that can be customized with different displays and color schemes according to the user’s needs.

The screen can be easily customized for different lighting conditions. A secondary display can be set to either function as part of a split screen configuration or to show different types of data, such as RF waveforms, frequency sweeps, X-Y data or Spectrum displays.

Image Credit: Baugh and Weedon

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