Innotec UK NDT Remote Access Crawler

Innotec UK uses their NDT expertise to provide high-tech, remote access NDT solutions for measurements in areas that are difficult to reach using crawlers and other robotic solutions. All of Innotec’s crawlers can be used with a wide range of NDT probes and systems.


Hunter is a remote access crawler with a modular design, produced for the economical NDT ultrasonic imaging of iron-based constructions such as ship hulls, large scale piping, pressure containers and storage tanks.

Hunter means analysis can take place without the need for personnel to access the structure via a rope for manual analysis; meaning staff safety is significantly improved and hard to access areas can be imaged.

Applications Include

  • Gauging and B-Scans of thickness
  • Mapping of corrosion
  • Visual inspection
  • Sizing of critical defects
  • Inspection of welds

Available Hunter Packages Include:

Ultrasonic B-Scan: Can take thickness measurements every 1 mm (or as required) at high resolution. Can also take cross-sectional images of the surface that is inspected.

TOFD Weld Inspection: Provides complete coverage for the detection of welding defects with ‘through wall’ measurements possible. Reliable inspection is guaranteed using a water irrigated TOFD probe.

Ultrasonic Corrosion Mapping: Can produce a map illustrating the extent of corrosion across the surface being inspected. Best possible UT performance is guaranteed using water irrigated TR probes.

ICM Rover

The ICM is a vacuum-adhering, fall-protected climbing crawler that can carry multiple payloads for use in critical, remote NDT inspections such as surface decontamination, chemical and biological scrubbing, and lead paint removal.

The ICM rover can adhere to both non-magnetic and magnetic walls using its light-weight rolling seal. The system is a safe and economical alternative to conventional methods of surface inspection and maintenance.

Key Benefits

Provides Reliable Data

The data collected by ICM Rover is significantly better than the data collected by conventional inspections – the data is fully auditable with no human error. Data is collected continuously as the crawler rolls along a surface, providing more data points than manual inspections and in real-time.

Ease of Use and Deployment

The modular design of the ICM Rover means it can be rapidly configured with the required NDT sensors by one operator in less than 30 minutes. The system weighs less than 21 kg allowing it to climb up and over slanted surfaces, obstacles and contours at a rate of 7.1 cm/s for smooth surfaces. The remote operation of the ICM Rover improves worker safety.

Cost Effective

ICM Rover allows thorough inspections to be carried out economically, saving money when compared to competitors systems. In addition, the system allows inspections to be carried out remotely making inspections even easier to carry out, whilst improving the lifespan of the assets being inspected.

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