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Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) Tank Floor Scanner - Truflux

The Truflux is novel solution for the inspection of Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) tank floor plates, which provides an enhanced user experience with its advanced design. The Truflux is an independently propelled high-resolution digital scanner that can capture topographical image of storage plates between 6 – 20 mm in size.

The TruFlux has been carefully designed to weigh less than 32 kg with a compact form and a plug-in, plug-out lithium ion battery.

The inspection system of the TruFlux is intuitive and simple to operate, with its reduced weight and size making it simple to transport and set up. In addition, the Truflux can be folded into a locked, transportable configuration using just the pull of a lever.


  • Enhanced resolution (5.2 mm x 1 mm)
  • Novel mechanical design
  • Light construction – weighs only 32 kg (including battery)
  • Low shipping weight of less than 60 kg (without laptop)
  • Unique damping system ensures easy lift off
  • Highly accurate (± 1 mm over 20 m) optical encoder
  • Uses widely available battery technology
  • Rapid track-to-track image scanning
  • Reporting is possible via either USB or PC/laptop  

A New Innovative Chapter in Floor-Plate Inspection

The Truflux uses a novel damping system to reduce the requirement for a strong force to break away from the magnetism holding down the scanner during its placement. This assists in the systems smooth movement, reducing mechanical stresses.

The system uses a novel Speed Compensation Algorithm to prevent erroneous data, that can result from changes in speed during imaging, from being collected. These speeds are then cross-correlated with the machines calibration to ensure speed control is within defined limits.

The Truflux’s DAQ software can be run either via a PC application or on the system's touchscreen. Automated functions can be set easily, increasing scanning throughput.

The Truflux has an enhanced digital resolution, via readings using 48 hall affect sensors taken and digitized every 1.0 mm at a speed of 500 mm p/sec.

Data collection, handling and communication methods have all been carefully considered, with all of the electronics sat within a robust scan-head enclosure powered by the USB. This protects the internal circuitry from harsh external environments, improving the reliability of the system.

A high-resolution map of corrosion can be produced to view material losses, with panning, zooming and saving of images possible.

Automated scanning is possible and can be started following instructions on the system’s screen.

The Overlay Feature places past inspection results over current ones, in tank, plate and track format; giving the user an indication of corrosion growth/trends, therefore helping with predictive analysis.

The system’s auto-drawing, scaling and filing management systems allow the creation of true-scale drawings of the tank floor, with automated plate and track numbering. Scanned plots of the plates can be positioned on to the tank image.

The Truflux’s DAQ software has a novel PDF reporting function that allows first draft reports to be created on site following imaging. This means clients can quickly make reactive changes.

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