Single Nanoparticle Analysis and Laser Ablation Imaging with the icpTOF

TOFWERK’s icpTOF is an inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer (ICP-MS) designed to couple the source and interface hardware of a Thermo Scientific iCAP RQ to a TOFWERK TOF mass analyzer. The iCAP RQ hardware offers flexible sample introduction, simple access to lenses and cones, strong ICP, and the Q-cell technology. The TOF integrates concurrent all-element detection, linear response, and mass resolving power >6000, while preserving QMS-equivalent sensitivity. With rapid mass spectral acquisition and concurrent analysis of all isotopes, the icpTOF is the perfect ICP-MS detector for multi-element single particle analysis or high-speed laser ablation imaging.

  • All the elements at all times: The icpTOF records the whole mass spectra at all times, so users never miss an interference signal or analyte.
  • High-mass resolution: The icpTOF 2R has a mass resolving power of 6000 enabling users to isolate interfering ions.
  • Precise isotope ratios: The icpTOF simultaneously measures all isotopes, thus removing the susceptibility of measurements to source and sample variations. Precision approaches to statistical limits.
  • Rapid detection: The icpTOF records a comprehensive mass spectrum every 30-50 µs making it the ideal detector for rapid transient signals such as fluid inclusions, individual nanoparticles, and laser ablation pixels.

icpTOF Applications

Rapid mass spectral acquisition and concurrent, all-element analysis are integral performance features of all TOFWERK TOFs, rendering the icpTOF product series the most suitable ICP-MS detector for laser ablation imaging or multi-element single particle analysis.

Areas of Application:

  • Environment
  • Geochemistry
  • Biomedical
  • Food and agriculture
  • Chemistry and materials


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Detecting Nanoparticles and Laser Ablation Imaging with the icpTOF

Chemistry and Materials
Food and Agriculture

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