Customized Time-of-Flight (TOF) Mass Analyzers

TOFWERK TOFs are designed to handle the measurement of ions produced by a wide range of techniques and are often integrated into larger analytical systems that necessitate advanced electronic and mechanical coupling.

Modular Design Platform

TOFWERK’s modular design platform enables fast design and manufacturing of customized instrumentation for OEM customers and research laboratories.

  • High-performance TOF analyzers
  • Flexible data acquisition and control software with supported API for development of personalized applications
  • Improved vacuum and ion optic interfaces – For coupling of TOFs to ion sources of varied geometry and pressure
  • State-of-the-art timing modes for synchronization with external devices
  • Open source data structure that can be straightaway imported into a number of scientific data analysis software programs (IGOR Pro, MATLAB, and so on)
  • Modifiable data analysis software

TOF Data Analysis

Tofware is a robust graphical interface for the viewing, manipulation, and examination of TOFWERK data files. It can be expanded or tailored without difficulty to enhance the customer’s analysis workflows.


From basic data inspection to full-scale peak finding and automated batch processing of large datasets, Tofware allows users to rapidly and effortlessly acquire the preferred analysis results.

  • Exclusive, specialized interfaces for ICP-TOF and IMS-TOF
  • Robust MS data viewing, manipulation, and analysis toolkit
  • Automated batch process handling for standard analysis of large sample set
  • Modular construction – Enables easy expansion for OEM/specialized applications
  • mzML data export for use in third-party applications
  • Publication-grade graphics
  • Completely-documented and supported

Custom TOF Case Studies

TOFWERK’s several successful collaborations are based on the blend of its mass spectrometry expertise with its partners’ knowledge of specific research domains and applications.

OEM Partner — Aerodyne Research

Aerodyne Research (Billerica, MA, USA) is a renowned center for online analysis of atmospheric gases and aerosols. Their research team and their wide network of customers use Aerodyne instruments to solve tough questions related to air quality and climate change — in the field, in the laboratory, and onboard mobile research platforms.

TOFWERK has provided TOF hardware and software to Aerodyne for over ten years, starting with the Aerodyne ToF Aerosol Mass Spectrometer (ToF-AMS), which combines Aerodyne’s aerosol sampling and sizing technology with a TOF mass analyzer. The ToF-AMS has become a basic component on all leading atmospheric research campaigns, and ToF-AMS data has been added into nearly 1000 publications. Aerodyne’s atmospheric product series currently includes versions of the Vocus PTR-TOF, IMS-TOF, API-TOF, and EI-TOF that have been modified and expanded to meet exceptional demands of atmospheric science.

Through its support of Aerodyne and their customers, TOFWERK has established expertise in the design of field deployable mass spectrometers. The challenging physical demands of atmospheric field work have boosted a strong standard for all TOFWERK hardware and driven the development of a number of components and features.

OEM Partner — Karsa

Karsa designs cutting-edge MS systems and accessories for molecular uncovering of explosives. Karsa, established in 2016, is a spin-off of the University of Helsinki. The TOFWERK and Karsa research teams have had a long and productive relationship, growing from the developments of new Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization (APCI) techniques for atmospheric study at the University of Helsinki.

This APCI technology is extensively employed with the API-TOF for online, trace detection of gas-phase organic compounds, and is documented for having accomplished the lowest ever limit of detection for sulfuric acid. At present, TOFWERK and Karsa are working together to extend the use of interrelated technology for security applications and to enhance software and hardware for workflows and securities environments.

The Karsa ionization inlet can detect a broad range of chemical compounds at very low concentrations. The design realizes very high ionization efficiencies grounded on a high rate of reagent-analyte collisions. Soft ionization enables discovery of intact compounds rather than fragments, thus simplifying spectral interpretation and boosting confidence in the outcome. Karsa has also built equipment for both direct air sampling and capturing of particles and vapors on a filter media that is desorbed and examined later.

Using Custom TOF Platform to Measure Ions

OEM Partner- Aerodyne Research
OEM Partner- Karsa

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