3D Nano-CT for Multiple Energies - TriLambda NanoXRM

Sigray TriLambda is the most powerful 3D X-ray microscope on the market, with spatial resolutions reaching down to 40 nanometers and unique multi-energy capabilities. This best-in-class NanoXRM offers powerful 3D and 4D characterization opportunities that are well-matched to a wide range of specimen types and provides the ultimate in flexibility for the most demanding laboratory environments.

Up to three energies can be selected on the system, including:

  • 2.7 keV (best for unstained biological samples, such as cells)
  • 5.4 keV (best for rocks, bone, and stained tissue)
  • 6.4 keV (best for ceramics)
  • 8 keV (best for semiconductor samples and metals)

These energies can be swapped through a simple software operation, enabling fast access to multi-spectral tomography data.

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