Manual Single Grinder Polisher - EcoMet™ 30

The EcoMet 30 offers effortless operation for manual grinding and polishing. The comfortable splash guard design enables exceptional control while holding a part. It is user-friendly and can be cleaned easily. It has tested durability of more than 2500 hours and is sufficiently flexible to be compatible with platens of 8 inches (203 mm), 10 inches (254 mm), and 12 inches (305 mm).


Ergonomic Manual Polish

  • Vast flat workspace and ergonomic bowl height offers improved control and more comfort
  • Additional control enhances sample quality and minimizes the grinding time

Easy to Clean

  • Easy removability of platens enables quick deep cleaning
  • Path draining system that is large and straight
EcoMet 30 Single or Twin Manual & Single or Twin Semi-automatic Grinder Polisher

Manual Single Grinder Polisher—EcoMet™ 30

Manual Single Grinder Polisher—EcoMet™ 30 - Picture 1
Manual Single Grinder Polisher—EcoMet™ 30 - Picture 2

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