Semi-Automatic Grinder-Polisher - AutoMet™ 300 Pro

The AutoMet series of grinder and polisher machines are developed for challenging production lab environments. The AutoMet 300 Pro comes with color touchscreen controls and is developed for automated or manual sample preparation.

Simplicity has been balanced with versatility to cover a number of applications. The AutoMet 300 Pro has been designed to be durable for consistency in high-use environments, unmatched fast cleaning features, and many improvements for user-friendly operation.

The machine can be fitted with automated dispenser programmability for highly reproducible results and extra cost-savings.


Advanced Programming Renders Advanced Functionality Straightforward

  • Fast swipe between technique steps for easy process configuration
  • Well-suited with automated dispenser for highly reproducible results and extra cost-savings
  • Color touch screen controls enhance functionality required for sophisticated techniques like Z-axis material removal by depth and method creation/storage

Cleaning is Simpler, Like Never Before

  • With the rinse and spin function, cleaning is made quick and simple at the touch of a button
  • Bowl liners maintain the bowl clean
  • Retractable water hose allows fast rinsing

House Large and Unique Samples

  • Compatible with accessories for PCB preparation
  • 12 inch platen size offers a vast working area for quicker grinding or to house larger samples


AutoMet Pro Demo

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