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The bulk properties of a material are known to be considerably influenced by the topography of a surface. Often, surface anomalies exhibit nanoscale morphology and their resultant impact are of interest. Microscopic measurements can be used to investigate this surface topography.

In many fields, characterizing the surface topography has turned out to be highly important, and the simplification of microscopic devices like scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and the increasing resolution have enabled the move from dedicated and advanced operations to a benchtop, user-friendly device, thereby revolutionizing the industry.

Best of Both Worlds

The Phenom-World Desktop Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) series of products was developed from the ground up, not just to make the most versatile instrument to satisfy the demands of a highly competitive scientific community but to also offer the most satisfying experience for the user.

The standard Backscatter Electron Detector (BSD) is a unique feature of the Phenom SEM products. This enables the user to investigate the topological and elemental properties of the sample apart from various other post-process analyses like pore size, 3D surface reconstruction, fiber analysis, and particle size.

Phenom SEM Technology

The Phenom: World’s Fastest Desktop Scanning Electron Microscope

Thanks to its industry-leading Phenom desktop Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), Phenom-World enables customers to stay competitive in a world where critical dimensions are constantly turning out to be smaller. All Phenom desktop systems offer direct access to the high-quality and high-resolution imaging and analysis needed for an extensive range of applications. They are flexible, economical, and fast tools that allow technicians, engineers, educational professionals, and researchers to analyze micron and submicron structures.

Phenomenal Imaging and Analysis Power

  • Intuitive system control offers unrivaled ease of use
  • Imaging power of up to 150,000x magnification
  • Combination of low-magnification SEM imaging and optical navigation camera ensures “never lost” navigation
  • Integrated X, Y motor stage enables fastest time (<30 seconds) from loading sample to capturing SEM image
  • Completely integrated X-ray analysis

Phenom Markets and Applications

From Biological Development to Pharmaceutics

The Phenom is an ideal tool for the analysis of mold spores or pharmaceutical powders. An extensive range of sample holders enables analyses of pharmaceutical and biological sample without tedious sample preparation.

From Process Control to Quality Assurance

The Phenom desktop SEM is the best-suited tool for processing samples and assessing their quality within a short period of time. The fast sample preparation and the unbelievably short feedback time enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of failure analysis.

From Material Characterization to Metallurgy Analysis

The Phenom enables operators to carry out non-destructive testing and microstructural analysis of metals to determine changes that take place following treatment, and to identify compositional contrast.

All-Round Forensic Investigation

The Phenom can be employed to identify indents and scratches from tool marks, to conduct ballistic research, to scrutinize residues such as diatoms and sand, or to classify human and animal hair.

Phenom Desktop SEM

The Phenom Pharos is a desktop SEM with an FEG source that makes crisp, high-brightness images and the benefits of an FEG source accessible to everyone. It is easy to operate thanks to its intuitive and compact design and its advanced hardware and detectors enable a fast time to image.  

Phenom Pharos

  • Magnification range of up to 1,000,000x
  • <3 nm resolution
  • EDS and SED optional

The Phenom Pro/X and XL are provided with a long-standing, high-brightness CeB6 source, which enables the user to develop advanced images with reduced maintenance intervention.

Phenom Pro/ProX

  • Completely integrated EDS included (ProX)
  • Optional SED
  • Magnification range of up to 150,000x
  • <8 nm resolution
  • Acceleration voltages of 5–15 kV for the finest resolution on an extensive range of samples

Phenom XL

  • The ideal desktop SEM for large samples and automation
  • World’s most rapid vent/load cycle
  • Motorized scan of samples up to 100 mm x 100 mm

The Phenom Pure is a perfect tool for the transition from light optical to electron microscopes. It is the most cost-effective solution for high-resolution imaging, offering the finest imaging results in its class.

Phenom Pure

  • Magnification range of up to 30,000x
  • Basic SEM for high-resolution images
  • Smart sample loading and intuitive user interface

Phenom Software Applications

Market-Specific and Automated Software Solutions

The Phenom ProSuite has been designed to allow Phenom users to extract maximum information from images captured with the Phenom desktop Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM). Since the software is installed on a monitor-mounted PC, the Phenom imaging unit is left in its original state, thereby ensuring maximum system stability.

SEM Sample Holders

Extensive Variety of Sample-Loading Accessories

An extensive range of sample holders is available for all Phenom desktop SEM to expand the sample application range.

These holders are developed to optimize sample loading speed and ensure the fastest time to image available in the market. Apart from the sample holders, Phenom-World incorporates two inserts for particular sample types. These inserts allow rapid sample preparation and accelerate the sample throughput times.

Active Sample Holders

Motorized Tilt and Rotation Sample Holder

  • Tilt range of −10° to +45°
  • Continuous 360° compucentric rotation
  • Controlled by dedicated Motion Control
  • Tilt-adapted focus

Temperature-Controlled Sample Holder

  • Temperature accuracy of ±1.5 °C
  • Temperature range of −25 °C to +50 °C
  • Water-cooled by a self-contained closed-loop water chiller box
  • Maximum cooling rate of 20 °C/min

Characterization of Surface Topography—Surface Topography SEM

Phenom Markets & Applications
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Standard Sample Holders & Inserts (* Requires Metallurgical Sample Holder or Metallurgical Charge Reduction Sample Holder)
Active Sample Holders

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