New High-Performance Mass Spectrometer PTR-TOF 6000 X2

Premium performance PTR-TOFMS Trace VOC Analyzer
Detection limit: < 1 pptv
Mass Resolution: > 6500
Sensitivity: > 2500 cps/ppbv


IONICON presents the new "2019 Performance Edition" of the PTR-TOF 6000 X2, which is the current premium PTR-TOF trace VOC analyzer. 

IONICON developed this unique system comprising a high-resolution ioniTOF, X2 performance enhancing features and IONICON’s exclusive PTR technology with TRU-E/N™ for the ultimate PTR-TOFMS experience.

X2 is a combination of the latest generation of the ION-BOOSTER funnel and the hexapole ION-GUIDE. The ion funnel focuses the ions into the hexapole ion guide, resulting in almost lossless transmission of an extremely focused ion beam into the TOF mass spectrometer. This dramatically increases the sensitivity and improves the mass resolving power of the instrument.

The patented IONICON ion-chemistry quality ensures precise E/N conditions, well-reproducible measurement results and the highest level of quantification accuracy possible.

The PTR-TOF 6000 X2 is now also available with Extended Volatility Range (EVR) allowing for ultra-fast time response even for IVOCs & SVOCs.

Add the CHARON real-time particle inlet system for direct aerosol analysis. One single instrument covers VOCs and allows additionally the molecular-level characterization of sub-µm particulate organic matter (IVOC, SVOC and LVOC, respectively) in real-time. 

Technical Specifications

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Mass resolution > 6500 m/Δm (FWHM) for m/z > 147
> 6000 m/Δm (FWHM) for m/z > 79
Response time < 100 ms
Sensitivity > 1500 cps/ppbv for m/z 79
> 2500 cps/ppbv for m/z 181
Detection limits < 10 pptv for m/z 79 (in 1 sec)
< 1 pptv for m/z 181 (in 60 sec)
Linearity range 1 pptv - 100 ppbv
Pulse frequency up to 150 kHz
Adjustable flow 50 - 800 sccm
Inlet system heating range 40 - 180 °C (2nd inlet system and other inlet options on request)
Reaction chamber heating range 40 - 120 °C
Weight < 145 kg
Dimensions (w x h x d) 60x91x87 cm (23.7 x 35.9 x 34.3 in.)
Power supply 115/230 V, max 1500 W
Interfaces Touchscreen display
8x DI/O, 2x AI, 2x AO
Selected optional features &
  • SRI/SRI+ options
  • SRI-MS technology
  • Multiplexing units
Find more options, application specific inlet systems and accessories here


Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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