Elite T EDS System for TEM Applications

The Elite T, the next-generation EDS system for transmission electron microscopy (TEM), employs a fast SDD with state-of-the-art built-in electronics. The unique geometry and powerful quantification routines of the Elite T offer optimized analysis solutions for all TEM applications.

Increased Solid Angle (SA) for Optimal Results

The Elite T EDS System is designed such that it offers an optimized geometry to guarantee the best possible performance. Solid angles above 2 steradians (sr) can be achieved with the dual detector option for select TEM models, which increases count rates and guarantees more rapid data collection on sensitive samples.

Spectrum showing a SiO2 sample collected by an Elite T.

Spectrum showing a SiO2 sample collected by an Elite T.

Windowless Design

The Elite T detectors are uniquely designed to eliminate the need for the typical protective window in front of the module. This design:

  • Improves the mapping speed and light element detection in low concentrations
  • Enhances the light element sensitivity of the detector
  • Enables flexibility of sensor placement for maximum exposure to the signal


Built-in Data Acquisition and Signal Processing Electronics

  • Minimizes noise for a better signal/noise ratio with enhanced detection limits

Intelligence Integrated into Detector

  • Ensures automatic retraction to safe position without the need for user involvement

Automated Calibration Algorithm

  • Repeatable, rapid, and accurate setup

TEAM Software Suite Allows Users to Optimize Their Analysis Time and Get the Best Possible Data from Their Sample

  • Smart Quant — several robust quantification routines are executed in the TEAM software
  • Smart Track — guarantees optimal working conditions on setup
  • EXpert ID — ground-breaking one-step peak identification program
  • Smart Mapping — automatically calculates needed collection time and detects the elements present in the sample
  • Smart Drift — monitors and dynamically modifies parameters to account for drift changes
  • Smart Data Management — increases user-friendliness and offers simple file management

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