Velocity™ EBSD Camera Series

The Velocity™ EBSD camera enables high-speed EBSD mapping with the highest indexing performance on real-world materials. The Velocity™ is powered by a CMOS sensor, enabling it to combine fast acquisition with high sensitivity and low noise performance for optimal collection and data quality.

The Velocity™ camera series is available in three different models:

  • Velocity™ Pro — up to 2,000 indexed points per second
  • Velocity™ Plus — up to 3,000 indexed points per second
  • Velocity™ Super — up to 4,500 indexed points per second

In the case of all three of the models, these speeds are achievable while offering indexing success rates of up to 99% or more. At these speeds, the Velocity™ utilizes 120 x 120 pixel images for enhanced band detection. Such an image resolution, together with EDAX’s certified triplet indexing routine, offers orientation precision values below 0.1° without requiring any dedicated processing routines for accurate characterization of deformed microstructures.

The performance of the Velocity™ camera series extends to a wide range of materials, such as lower symmetry, multi-phase, and deformed structures. The Velocity™ EBSD Camera Series allows efficient data collection on these real-world samples with the quality results required for optimal materials analysis.

The Velocity™ EBSD camera can be incorporated with compatible EDAX EDS detectors for efficient, simultaneous EDS-EBSD collection, even at the highest collection speeds. When used in combination with ChI-Scan™ analysis, this results in useful integrated data for accurate phase differentiation.

Features and Benefits

Data Collection Rates up to 4,500 Indexed Points per Second

  • EBSD maps can be obtained within a few minutes for efficient SEM use, 3D EBSD applications, and in-situ experiments

High-Speed, Low-Noise CMOS Sensor

  • The sensor offers low noise and high sensitivity, and 120 x 120 pixel images for EBSD indexing at maximum speeds

Orientation Precision Less Than 0.1°

  • Unambiguous characterization of deformed microstructures with standard indexing routines

High Indexing Success Rates

  • EDAX’s established triplet indexing and patented Confidence Index offer unparalleled indexing performance on challenging real-world samples

High-Speed Simultaneous EDS-EBSD Collection

  • The Velocity™ EBSD cameras have been optimized with compatible EDAX EDS detectors for efficient data collection at the highest speeds

Velocity™ EBSD Camera Series

EBSD orientation map from Inconel 600 collected at 3,000 indexed points per second at 11 nA beam current with >99% indexing success.
EBSD orientation map from additively manufactured Inconel 718 collected at 4,500 indexed points per second at 25 nA beam current.
EBSD Phase map from a dual phase ferritic and austenitic steel collected at ≈ 2,500 indexed points per second.
EBSD IPF Orientation map collected from an additively manufactured Titanium implant at ≈ 2,500 indexed points per second.

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