Rigel i800 DPSS Infra-Red Lasers (1064 nm)

The Rigel i800 from Andritz Powerlase is an 800 watt, Q-switched, DPSS laser, providing unpolarized high average power and high peak power at 1064 nm. With a well-established sturdy head design, modern universal control system architecture, and simple synchronization with OEM equipment and process lines, this system is ideal for high volume industrial applications.

The Rigel is available as a laser head and control rack pair, with fiber or free space beam delivery alternatives, or combined into a single unit with fiber delivery only.


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Power (W) 840
Pulse duration (ns) 60
Pulse energy (mJ) 84
M2 30


Measured at 10 kHz


  • Rapid Laser Patterning (RLP)
  • LCD production
  • Thin film removal
  • Material processing
  • Photovoltaic processing

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