Centauri i500, 500 W High Power, Pulsed Fiber Laser

The Centauri 500 has a compact, portable, and efficient architecture. The Centauri series of lasers was created to perform in specialty applications where the reliability and robustness of fiber lasers excel. The Centauri brings additional value to industrial applications by way of its flexible AgileTune™ seed technology which enables the laser output parameters to be customized to specific applications, enhancing quality and throughput.

The new Centauri system has been specifically engineered to fully address the needs for fast processing at 500W, and at the same time offer high peak power and pulse energy ideal for coating and paint removal, weld preparation, surface pre-treatment, mold cleaning, and restoration.


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Power (W) 500
Pulse duration (ns) 5-500
Pulse energy (mJ) > 60
Pulse Repetition Frequency (kHz) 5-500



  • Oxide removal
  • Paint and coating removal
  • Surface activation
  • Mold cleaning
  • Rust removal
  • Weld preparation
  • Material processing

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