Robust Dispersing Instrument - T 50 Digital ULTRA-TURRAX® Disperser

The T 50 Digital ULTRA-TURRAX® Disperser is a robust dispersing instrument with the ability to handle volumes from 0.25 to 30 L (H2O) with digital speed display. Even with small rotor diameters, the users are allowed to work at high circumferential speeds as it provides a wide speed range of 500–10,000 rpm.

A broad array of applications is guaranteed by extensive options of dispersing elements. Even with variations in viscosities, reproducible operations are possible due to constant speed.

Key Features

  • Electronic speed control
  • Easy and rapid cleaning of stainless steel dispersing elements
  • Electronic overload protection
  • Includes digital speed display
  • Smooth start
  • Includes error code display

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