Heavy Gauge Diffusion Heating Element - Duracraft from Thermcraft

The Thermcraft Duracraft™ DC-1300 design incorporates helically wound heavy gauge conventional wire or Kanthal™ APM powdered-metal wire. The heavy gauge wire enables higher temperature operation. The addition of self-locking ceramic spacers increases consistency and reliability under fluctuations of repeated temperature cycling. Upgrading to Kanthal™ APM powdered-metal wire allows for the highest temperature operation, large temperature swings and longer element life.

The Thermcraft DC-1300 is characterized by cost-effective high temperature operation.

The advanced thermal engineering of the DC-1300 furnace elements provide dependable performance at the lowest cost. Power is balanced between center and end zones, providing precise temperature uniformity at varied operating temperatures while reducing heat loss.

The DC-1300 is typically used in all high temperature processes including silicon nitride and HTO LPCVD, oxidation, anneal, and drive-in. Ideal for horizontal furnace retrofits.

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