Industrial 3D Printer for Large-Scale Objects – The BigRep One

The BigRep ONE v3 was developed to make industrial 3D printing of large-scale objects as simple as possible. Each detail has been given complete attention and expertise by the BigRep team — to achieve higher quality, better speed, and increased safety.

The open format modular print heads, along with a large flexible spool holder, offer the perfect 3D printer for producing large-scale objects. The 1 mm nozzle offers the most comprehensive and precise BigRep ONE prints so far. The BigRep ONE functions efficiently in aerospace or automotive industries, as well as design, entertainment, or concept modeling. It offers large-scale additive manufacturing on a more economical level when designing or prototyping. The German-engineered BigRep ONE is constructed to be a workhorse 3D printer that visionaries can depend on.

Award-Winning Industrial Design for Big Ideas

German-engineered to be in operation non-stop, the BigRep ONE is a world-class large-scale 3D printer at an economical price point.

BigRep’s international team of professionals have engineered and built a machine that realizes the top possible settings for printing large objects. The maximum quality machinery allows accuracy, speed, and easy access to the print bed for carrying out large-format printing of industrial objects.

Industrial users depend on the BigRep ONE for high-speed printing that does not sacrifice quality. This is even more distinct in BigRep’s latest Power Extruder for 0.6 mm, 1 mm, and 2 mm nozzles, which improves prints for a broad range of applications.

Developed by BigRep – latest winners of the German Brand Award 2018 – the ONE is a large-scale FFF 3D printer that has been skillfully designed for industrial specialists by industrial specialists. This workhorse machine was bestowed the German Design Award for 2016.

Benefits and Features

The Frame Construction

Open and Safe

The open format guarantees that users have the best possible view for observing the quality and progress of the object continuously. All moving parts are in enclosures to ensure user safety and to minimize contamination.

In-built sensors guarantee precision, safety, and user-friendliness.

The Print Heads

Modular and Independent

The modular print heads work independently, enabling supreme flexibility when printing with two materials or with water-soluble support material (PVA). They can be easily modified and substituted without requiring any tools. When the printing process is taking place, the active print head moves downward a little to avoid touching the object. The print heads were created by BigRep’s in-house team and enhanced for large-scale printing projects.

The Print Bed

Semi-automatic print bed leveling

The heated print bed offers excellent adhesion in the printing process right from the start. Thanks to the in-built automatic inductive sensor, the print bed can be leveled quickly and easily, reducing prep time substantially.

The Build Volume

Big, Bigger, the Biggest

The new BigRep ONE v3 has a build volume of X 1005 mm x Y 1005 mm x Z 1005 mm. With a capacity of more than one cubic meter, the new BigRep ONE v3 offers the largest FFF build volume presently available on the global market.

The Spool Holder

Spacious and Flexible

The spool holder was engineered to fit all typical spool sizes. It can hold a number of spools up to 8 kg. A run-out detection system informs the user when the spool is going to reach its end.

The Graphical User Interface

Easy and Intuitive

New intuitive user interface on touch panel PC, allowing numerous new features such as remote load and check print progress via webcam, resume print after power failure and many more.


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Build volume x 1005 y 1005 z 1005 (mm)
Layer height resolution 0.1 mm - 1.4 mm *
Acceleration Up to 400 mm/s²
Extruder Two modular extrusion heads
Standard Extruder with 1 mm nozzle
Power Extruder with 0.6 mm, 1 mm and 2 mm nozzles (option)
Printing technology FFF – Fused-Filament-Fabrication (FDM)
Certified BigRep materials PLA, PETG, Pro HT, Pro HS, Pro FLEX
Other filaments upon request
Support materials PVA
Other filaments upon request
Print bed temperature Max. 80 °C
Printer weight Approx. 460 kg
Size x 1850 y 2250 z 1725 (mm)
Power 208 V – 240 V, 16 A, 50/60 Hz
Safety certifications CE approved

*Depending on selected extruder/nozzle

Industrial 3D Printing for Large-Scale Objects–The BigRep One

3D Printed Car Rim - Produced on the BigRep ONE Large-Scale 3D Printer
THE PRINT HEADS - Modular and Independent
THE PRINT BED - Semi-automatic print bed levelling
THE BUILD VOLUME - Big, Bigger, the Biggest
THE SPOOL HOLDER - Spacious and Flexible

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