Materials Testing Ovens and Chambers - LAB-TEMP from Thermcraft

Thermcraft LAB-TEMP™ furnaces and ovens are used in laboratories all over the world. Thermcraft is the exclusive supplier of furnaces and ovens to some of the leading materials testing system manufacturers. LAB-TEMP™ furnaces and ovens are designed to work with material testing systems of all types, such as Tensile Testing, Fatigue Testing, Compression Testing, or Durability Testing, and can be manufactured for new OEM systems or for retro fitment to an existing system. LAB-TEMP™ furnaces and ovens are designed for horizontal or vertical operation and optionally supplied with various types of mounting brackets or stands as well as ports for atmosphere introduction.

Features if the O-Series medium-range ovens include:

  • Long life heating elements
  • Wide temperature range: -185°C to 425°C (-300°F to 800°F)
  • Recirculating blower for excellent temperature uniformity
  • Sturdy external and internal welded stainless steel shells
  • High-quality fiberglass insulation
  • Tight, resilient fiberglass seal
  • Latch lock for quick access

Options for the O-Series medium-range ovens include:

  • Split-Box
  • Precise temperature controls with an optional recording system
  • Viewports of various sizes
  • Hand ports
  • Internal lamps
  • Standard and custom mounting brackets, test machine mounts, or portable stands
  • Cryogenic cooling systems (liquid CO2 or liquid N2)
  • 220 VAC power (110 VAC standard)

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