Particle Size and Particle Shape Analyzer - CAMSIZER M1

The new particle size/particle shape analyzer CAMSIZER M1 from Microtrac MRB is built to characterize powders and suspensions down to the low micron range by static image analysis (acc. to ISO 13322-1). The CAMSIZER M1 provides excellent flexibility for the measurement of a wide range of sample materials. The completely automated analysis method guarantees objective and user-independent evaluation, making the CAMSIZER M1 a suitable tool for applications in R&D but also for routine analyses.

The CAMSIZER M1 particle analyzer consists of a robust illumination unit, a very precise sample stage, and five objectives with magnifications from 2.5 x to 50 x. Thanks to the extensive traversing range of the sample stage, an area matching up to eight standard object slides can be assessed. The CAMSIZER M1 uses an 18.1 MP color camera for image acquisition which ensures fast and accurate particle analysis over the whole measuring range.

Application Examples

Active pharmaceutical constituents and excipients, chemicals, cement, ceramic powder, fine grinding and polishing agents, fibers, food, industrial diamonds, minerals, metal powders, etc.

Product Advantages


  • Measuring range 0.5 to 1500 µm
  • 18.1 MP color camera
  • Range of sample holders offers highest flexibility
  • Incident and/or transmitted light measurement possible
  • Dispersion unit M-Jet for preparation of powder samples
  • High-precision sample stage with broad traversing range
  • Control by joystick
  • Five objectives provided, option for one more


  • Intuitive evaluation software
  • Focus stacking
  • Concurrent particle size and particle shape examination
  • Particle shape parameters include convexity, roundness, aspect ratio, circularity, compactness, etc.
  • Particle size definitions include diameter of equivalent circle, chord, Martin diameter, Feret length, etc.
  • Subsequent shape and size analysis of separate particles with Particle X-Plorer module
  • Creation of detailed particle databases
  • Stitching algorithm
  • Range of evaluation and filter options
  • Results may be exhibited in relation to area, number, or volume


  • High image quality
  • Automatic measurement
  • Rapid and simple calibration
  • Wide variety of accessories
  • Recording of all available particle data and images


. .
Measuring principle Static Image Analysis (ISO 13322-1)
Measuring range 0.5 µm - 1500 µm
Type of analysis dry and wet analysis
Measuring time ~ 5 to 60 minutes (depends on sample type and measurement statistics)
Resolution 18.1 MPixel color camera
Maximum digital resolution 35 nm
Available objectives Standard: 2.5x 5x 10x 20x 50x
Optional: 1.25x or 100x
Weight (Measuring unit) ~ 45 kg
Operating unit PC incl. Windows 10 operating system, 2 monitors, keyboard, mouse, evaluation software


Function Principle

The CAMSIZER M1 applies the principle of static image analysis to establish the particle shape and particle size in a measuring range from 0.5 µm to 1500 µm. An object slide with sample material is moved stepwise along a camera system which obtains one image every step. The samples may be dry or wet (suspensions or powders). Contrary to dynamic image analysis, the sample is immobile during the measurement process; hence, the particle images exhibit superior quality and abundance of detail.

At the beginning of each measurement, the particle analyzer CAMSIZER M1 defines the focal plane for the measurement area which guarantees that all particle images in a particular area are pin-sharp (tilt compensation). All image and measurement data can be saved during testing, offering multiple possibilities for follow up data evaluation with the Particle X-Plorer software module.

When the measurement is completed, an overview image provides the user with an insight into the particle quality. Particles stretching across more than one measurement field can be patched together by using the advanced stitching algorithm and may thus be assessed although their size is greater than 1500 µm.

Particle Size and Particle Shape Analyzer - CAMSIZER M1

CAMSIZER M1 - Picture 1
CAMSIZER M1 - Picture 2
CAMSIZER M1 - Picture 3
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CAMSIZER M1 - Picture 5

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