Automatic Eject Pellet Die – Apex Quick Release Die

With the Apex™ Quick Release die from Specac, XRF sample pellet preparation is now faster and simpler than ever before.

The patented automatic pellet eject sleeve allows the release of the completed XRF pellet, without the need to reset the die at an inverted position, at the center point of the sample pressing cycle.

After the compression of the sample, the release of the pellet causes the ejector tabs to swivel and capture the ejection sleeve in a release position.

When the load is re-applied, the finished XRF sample pellet is pushed out of the die body and released for user collection.

When used along with the Specac Atlas™ Autotouch automatic Hydraulic Press, the two steps can be automated into the laboratory press to effortlessly take place in sequence, without manual handling.

The ApexTM Die enhances uniformity by reducing space to human error, and boosts throughput by accelerating pellet preparation. Less time is used in dissembling dies and clumsily removing pellets. Consequently, more time is used on analysis and improving the quantity of pellets being made.


  • Simple design for easy use
  • Excellent build material for durability
  • 32 mm and 40 mm pellet sizes
  • Ejects pellet without users having to struggle with it
  • Works flawlessly with Autotouch automatic press cycle
'Apex' Quick Release Pellet Die | Easy XRF Sample Preparation

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