Capel-205 – The New Generation Capillary Electrophoresis System

The Capel-205, a new generation capillary electrophoresis (CE) system from Lumex Instruments, is able to detect all types of components in a wide range of application areas. It can be the perfect choice not just for low-scale analyses and R&D but also for customers handling a number of samples every day.

Principle of Operation

The basis of high-performance capillary electrophoresis is performed through the differential migration of components of aqueous samples within a narrow fused silica capillary to which an electric field is applied. Quantitative detection of the separated solutes is performed at the capillary outlet using a high-sensitive optical system on the basis of direct or indirect UV absorbance.

Features and Benefits

Comprehensive instrumental options

  • Testing of numerous samples per month enabled by extended autosampler capacity of up to 59 positions
  • Voltage up to ±30 kV is provided by the new HV block, thus reducing analysis time and increasing separation efficiency
  • Integrated unit for the removal of tube caps opens samples exactly prior to the analysis, thereby eliminating evaporation and cross-contamination
  • Peak identification enabled by spectra scanning
  • Migration time reproducibility is enhanced by the redesigned capillary cassette with increased length of the capillary’s thermostated part
  • Reverse injection of samples under vacuum: ultra-short analysis time (<1 minute) and sample stacking to minimize detection limit

Unique design of the capillary cassettes

  • Possibility to change capillary easily within a few minutes
  • The capillary’s enlarged thermostatic part improves migration time reproducibility
  • Detection limit reduced by optimized optical scheme

Precise liquid temperature control (±0.1 °C)

  • Optimized separation efficiency and extended range of applied buffers

Robust software package Elforun

  • Real-time electropherogram visualization
  • Combination of instrument control, data acquisition, and data processing
  • Computation of electrophoresis system parameters
  • Processing of electropherogram data with overlay mode and established mathematical operations
  • Possibility of all types of complex runs including those with pre-programming of changes in analysis conditions
  • Extensive data processing algorithm customization
  • Personalized report, data export to other programs, data exchanges with databases, worksheets, and word processors
  • GLP and GALP compliance

Streaming potential control technique

  • Enhancing migration time repeatability and accuracy of analysis
  • Potential to carry out overnight analyses

Analytical Characteristics


  • Capel-205 is equipped with a spectrophotometric detector with a wavelength range of 190–400 nm

Light source

  • Deuterium lamp


  • Standard 1.5-mL centrifuge type, minimal sample volume of 100 µL

Injection modes

  • Samples injected by pressure, vacuum, or electrokinetically
  • Electrokinetic injection performed at (±) 1–30 kV with respect to the time for voltage ramping
  • Controlled pressure profile of injection with pressure values from −100 mbar to +100 mbar
  • Programmable injection time/pressure/voltage


  • Voltage from −30 kV to +30 kV in steps of 1 kV and an electronic polarity switch
  • Current from 0 to 300 µA

Equipment and Options

  • Capillary electrophoresis system Capel-205
  • Elforun software package
  • Kits for analysis (by request); most of the CE-kits from any manufacturer match with Capel-205
  • Additional capillary cassettes
Capillary electrophoresis system Capel-205 by Lumex Instruments

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