Versatile and Universal Analytical Xe Plasma FIB-SEM Platform - TESCAN S8000X

The TESCAN S8000X is a unique analytical platform for large-volume sample characterization and maximum universality in sample preparation. It is the most versatile and universal analytical Xe plasma FIB-SEM platform in the market enabling large-volume sample characterization and Ga-free sample preparation and modification.

The combination of the powerful yet precise milling capabilities delivered by the new iFIB+™ Xe plasma FIB column and field-free UHR enabled by the BrightBeam™ SEM column, make the TESCAN S8000X the perfect platform for low-kV SEM inspection, planar delayering, and electrical nanoprobing of sub-20 nm node technologies.

Physical failure analysis of semiconductor devices that require large-volume sample FIB-processing, such as large-scale 3D micro-characterization of any material and large-area cross-sectioning in packaging and MEMS, are also target applications of the TESCAN S8000X.

Key Features

  • NEW Essence™ SW user interface
    • Application-oriented and customizable layout
    • User-friendly interface
  • NEW iFIB+™ Xe plasma FIB column
    • Fast and precise piezo-driven beam aperture changer
    • Unmatched Field of View: 1 mm at 30 keV
    • High ion beam currents enabling ultra-fast sputtering rates
  • BrightBeam™ UHR SEM column technology
    • Adaptive spot shape optimization for better performance at high currents
    • Field-free ultra-high resolution SEM column for maximum versatility in sample analysis
    • Optimized in-beam detection system with improved detection efficiency and energy-filtering detection capabilities


  • ​Maximum surface sensitivity and versatility in sample characterization
    The BrightBeam™ SEM column provides field-free ultra-high-resolution imaging with an excellent performance, especially at low beam energies. The electron optics design, in combination with an optimized detection system ensures excellent electron signal collection even at ultra-low electron beam energies without relying on beam deceleration for maximum surface versatility and sensitivity and in sample characterisation.
  • Large wafer analysis
    Thanks to an optimal 70 ° objective geometry design, and a large chamber, FIB and SEM analyses of 8 ” wafers are possible at any location.
  • Complex applications easier than ever
    The new TESCAN Essence™ software platform is a simplified, multi-user user interface with a layout manager that allows quick and easy access to main functions. This user-friendly interface can be tailored to best fit user skill level, specific application, and preference.

    A wide variety of SW modules, recipes and wizards make the FIB-SEM applications a simple and easy experience for both novice and expert users, thus contributing to increase throughput in the lab and boosting productivity. The new TESCAN Essence™ also provides the Advanced DrawBeam™ vector-based scanning generator for precise and quick FIB machining.
  • Enhancement of detection limits in TOF-SIMS analysis
    No interference in the elemental spectrum (as opposed to Ga FIBs in which Ga+ peaks can interfere with the detection of other elements such as Ge, Ce, and Ga itself).
  • Maximum precision and optimal FIB performance with ease
    The new iFIB+™ column is furnished with an ultra-stable HV supply and precise piezo-driven beam aperture changer permitting ultra-fast switching between FIB presets and high reproducibility. Furthermore, a semi-automated spot-optimizing wizard allows users to select the best beam spot that optimizes FIB milling conditions for the particular application easily.
  • Gas-assisted Xe plasma FIB delayering and proven recipes
    The combination of dedicated proprietary gas chemistry with Xe plasma FIB makes it viable to perform top-down planar delayering of sub-20 node technologies that are suitable for subsequent in-situ electrical nanoprobing. The proven recipes guarantee excellent uniform planarity in windows that can be larger than 200 × 200 µm² and opened at any location on the chip.
  • Xe plasma FIB column with high ion beam currents and unmatched FoV enabling extremely large-area cross-sectioning
    The new iFIB+™ column permits a large field-of-view of 1 mm at 30 keV for smooth and easy sample navigation, and in combination with high currents, MEMS, extra-large cross-sections in packaging technologies, and other large semiconductor and optoelectronic structures can be performed with ease in short time frames.

    This is a concrete solution to simplify complex physical failure analysis workflows for both BEOL and FEOL processes.
  • Enhanced surface sensitivity and maximum contrast
    Detection system with angle-selective and energy-filtering capabilities gives you total control of surface sensitivity and the option to explore with different contrast.
  • Making the most of electron and ion beam capabilities
    The new OptiGIS™ is a high-performance, quick, and efficient single gas injection system (GIS) essential in all your FIB applications. Up to six units can be fitted for maximum versatility and multitask configurations. Different proprietary gas chemistries for top-down IC uniform planar delayering are available.
  • Ga-free sample preparation preserve physical properties of samples unchanged
    The inert nature of Xe ions prevents the formation of intermetallic compounds with atoms of the milled sample that can result in alterations in physical properties of the specimen and so, interfere with electrical measurements or sample micro-analysis.
  • Reliability and best conditions for microanalysis
    The BrightBeam™ SEM column comes with aperture optimization resulting in enhanced resolution at high electron beam currents and advantageous for fast microanalysis. Thanks to the EquiPower™ lens technology, excellent column stability in time-consuming applications such as 2D and 3D microanalysis is guaranteed.

Versatile and Universal Analytical Xe Plasma FIB-SEM Platform - TESCAN S8000X

TESCAN S8000X - Picture 1
TESCAN S8000X - Picture 2

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