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Scintillation Detectors with Integrated SiPM

The design and operation of scintillation detectors has begun to shift from the traditional Photomultiplier Tube (PMT) to Silicon Photomultiplier (SiPM) detectors as a result of the low-voltage operation, magnetic field insensitivity, mechanical robustness, and smaller size of SiPM detectors. SiPM detectors provide users with the benefits associated with a solid-state sensor, while simultaneously exhibiting the same low-light detection capabilities of PMTs.

With these trends in mind, Saint-Gobain Crystals has developed unique integrated solutions to truly leverage the value of SiPMs. One of the greatest advantages associated with the development and use of SiPMs is that they are discrete and separable materials, which is comparable to monolithic PMTs that are just the opposite.

As a result of these properties, fewer SiPMs, which are strategically placed on the crystal surface, are required, thereby providing users with greater system performance at a lower cost.

Saint-Gobain Crystals has therefore optimized the balance between these characteristics as a result of their experience in both producing scintillation optics and tailoring the detector design, engineering and assembly process to closely match the SiPM configuration.


  • Low-voltage operation
  • Insensitivity to magnetic fields
  • Mechanical robustness
  • Compact design
  • Designed for and evaluated under ANSI N42.34

Design Options

The Saint-Gobain SiPM is an integrated solution that has been designed to meet the needs of all customers, ranging from standard configurations to highly customized applications. The expertise that Saint-Gobain has in detector processing, packaging and optical analysis procedures has allowed this company to continue its development and distribution of excellent cost-effective solutions to provide excellent performance.

Saint-Gobain has optimized the following conditions for its SiPM detectors:

  • Number and location of SiPMs for required performance
  • Detector packaging that precisely matches the SiPM configuration
  • Gain compensation over a wide temperature range
  • Optional watertight packaging and connectors also available

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