Sodium Iodide Crystal for Gamma Radiation and Thermal Neutrons

Sodium Iodide crystal co-doped with Lithium [NaI(Tl+Li)] and Thallium otherwise known as NaILTM can detect Gamma radiation and Thermal Neutrons in a single crystal with exceptional PSD.

Using low 6Li concentrations in NaIL and large thicknesses has the ability to achieve the same neutron detection capabilities as 3He or CLYC or CLLB detectors at a reduced cost.

6Li (95% enriched) co-doping introduces effective thermal neutron detection to the most established gamma-ray scintillator while retaining the favorable scintillation properties of standard NaI(Tl). NaIL has the ability to provide large volume, single material detectors for gammas and neutrons at a low price per volume.


Gamma Neutron detection:

  • Security - Thermal neutron activation
  • Excellent solution for area monitoring


  • Large NaI crystals can be easily grown at a low cost
  • > 4 liter crystal sizes available
  • Thermal neutron efficiency can reach up to 57%
  • Similar gamma ray performance as compared to the standard NaI(Tl) scintillator

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