Power Springs for Custom Applications

Hunter Spring power springs, also called clock springs, can be assembled into a customer’s housing for direct assembly or delivered with a retaining ring for moving the spring to a customer’s housing.

Torque and the total number of turns are the most crucial output necessities in a power spring design. The power spring’s performance is defined by the dimensions of the spring material (width, thickness, and length) and the space available (arbor diameters and housing).

The Material

The power springs from Hunter Spring are manufactured using 301 High Yield Stainless Steel. Other materials including Inconel, Elgiloy, or high-carbon steel can be used upon request for tailored applications.

Key Features

  • Regular residual stresses
  • High-torque delivery per unit of deflection
  • Wide range of materials can be used

Custom Springs

Power springs are not stocked by Hunter Spring. Springs are made for tailored applications only. The design worksheet can be used to specify the requirements and allow the company’s Application Engineers to deliver a design to match specific needs.

Hunter Spring can formulate a custom solution that offers both efficiency and versatility.

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