Creating Custom Solutions with Constant Torque Springs

The NEG'ATOR constant torque spring motor is a prestressed strip of spring material that is rolled into a coil and stored on a small storage drum.

The free end is then secured and backwound onto a larger output drum; this is referred to as the "winding" portion of the constant torque spring's cycle.

When the output drum is released, the spring goes back to the storage drum to assume its original curvature, thereby rotating the output drum and delivering virtually constant torque.

The Material

Hunter Spring constant torque springs are manufactured using type 301 high-yield stainless steel and are delivered in coils for mounting on motor drums.

Key Features

  • Offers rotary motion directly from output drum or linear displacement via the use of cable and spool
  • Long deflections at virtually constant torque. Positive or limited negative gradients can be realized
  • Least intercoil friction and resultant hysteresis as is typical in power springs

Standard or Custom Springs

A broad range of regular constant torque springs is available. Constant torque springs are also offered as custom spring solutions to match specific requirements. The constant torque spring design worksheet can be used by customers to indicate specific requirements and allow the Application Engineers to offer a design to match those specific requirements.

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