Dynamic and Static Light Scattering System - BI-200SM

The  BI-200SM system paves the way for the rich fields of exploration of Static Light Scattering (SLS) as well as Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS). The BI-200SM Research Goniometer System offers access to these studies with an automatic, modular, and adaptable system. It is a precision instrument engineered for challenging scattering measurements. The BI-200SM’s contemporary design and quality construction along with its special turntable having precision ball bearings and stepping motor, ensure precise measurements because of the wobble-free movement of the detector. It is field tested in numerous laboratories. It is suitable for submicron particle sizing and molecular studies.

  • Protein and polymer characterization
  • Nanoparticle characterization
  • Complex fluid characterization
  • Particle size distributions
  • Molecular weight

TESTA Analytical Solutions’ researchers have wide-ranging experience in the development of instruments and approaches for light scattering and this experience has been integrated into the BI-200SM to make it the premium instrument available for research use in the domain of light scattering.

TurboCorr Digital Correlator

Features at a Glance

  • Compact Size, low power needs (below 300 mW)
  • Up to 522 hardware channels
  • USB Communications
  • 100% efficient, real-time operation over the full delay time range
  • Auto and cross-correlation modes
  • Delay range 25 nanoseconds to 1,310 seconds
  • Sampling time 25 ns to 40 ms

Special Features of the BI-200SM Research Goniometer System

  • DLS and SLS modes - Correlation and intensity measurements
  • Large angular range - 8° to 155° with 25 mm cells: 15° to 155° with 12 mm cells
  • Fine adjustment control - Read angle to 0.01° straight from large, fine-control knob
  • Open design/standard optical rails - Facilitates user customizations for special purposes
  • Temperature control - Automatic heating and cooling with internal probe and any regular external circulator
  • Isolated circulation system – Independent temperature and filtration plumbing
  • Special design glass vats - Specially polished entrance window guarantees very less flare
  • Alignment cell - Fine-screw vertical modification makes center of rotation smoother
  • Multiple Laser Line Filters - Filter wheel having 632.8 (HeNe), 514.5/488.0 nm (Ar+), two blank (shutter) positions, and one open position for weak scatterers. It is also available with 532 nm band-pass filter
  • Improved viewing optics - Coated, precision achromats combined with behind-the-silt viewing and superior quality eyepiece make alignment stress-free
  • Range of cell holders - High precision cell holders, regular, low-price round cells available: 27.5 mm dilution vials fit cell holder sleeve — Special small-volume cell available

In the field of DLS, the dynamics of the scattered light are quantified and examined. The short-term intensity fluctuations (dynamics) of the scattered light develop from the fact that the scattering particles are experiencing fast thermal motions. These movements are termed as Brownian motion and they create short-term fluctuations in the intensity of the scattered light.

Typical DLS Applications

  • Micellar systems
  • Colloid behavior
  • Nucleation processes and protein crystallization
  • Micro-emulsion technology
  • Vesicles and liposomes
  • Plasmid DNAs
  • Particle size distribution
  • Particle aggregation phenomena
  • Particle size growth


The Mini-L30 is a small, standalone, red laser diode assembly with excellent temperature and power stabilization. It can be coupled with Brookhaven's BI-200SM goniometer for dynamic and static light scattering. With minimal 35 mW power at a wavelength of 637.6 nm, it is a suitable replacement for the traditional 35 mW, HeNe laser (632.8 nm) when space is pricey.

Features at a Glance

  • For use in SLS/DLS
  • Compact Diode Laser, 11 cm in length
  • 30 mW, 637 nm
  • TEM001, stabilized, calibrated


The BI-200SMPt enables direct measurement of the temperature in the index matching liquid near the sample cell. It is not necessary to assume that the external circulator’s temperature is the same as the cell temperature. Values are updated every second in 32-bit, BI-DLSW software and can be used in calculations. A USB cable is available that links the data interface to the PC. Power for the Pt is transmitted via this same cable. BI-200SM goniometers distributed after August 2006 are ready for the screw-in thermometer. Goniometers supplied earlier will need a manifold swap. Alignment will not be disturbed if carefully removed and replaced.

Features at a Glance

  • Direct measurement in vat
  • USB driven
  • Completely integrated with 32-bit, constant current

In SLS mode, time-averaged intensity measurements are performed — at either variable or fixed angles — in the range of 8° to 155° and examined using the software provided for the methods of Zimm, Berry, Guinier, Debye, Kratkey, etc.

Typical SLS Applications

  • Emulsion polymerization
  • MW Molecular weight determinations
  • Micro-emulsion technology
  • RG Radius of gyration
  • Colloid behavior complex fluid characterization
  • A2 determination of second viral coefficient
  • Particle size growth nucleation processes


Research Goniometer for Static and Dynamic Light Scattering Analysis


. .
Beam Focus and Steering Lenses Includes mounts, adjustments, and apertures.
Turntable 200 mm O.D. turntable, worm gear and ball bearings; manual or automatic selection of angles in 0.01° steps; precision machined base with mounting holes; positioning table with micrometer adjustments.
Specimen Cell Assembly Including thermal enclosure, centering adjustments, separate plumbing for temperature control and index matching liquids, round cell holders, square cell holder and alignment cell.
Index Matching Vat With optically flat and specially polished entrance window; precision machined and annealed to minimize stray light.
Periscopic Beam Stop Located inside vat to prevent flare from exit windows; provided with coupling for use with optional, zero-angle reference detector.
Mean Detector Optics Entrance aperture of 3 mm. Coated, adjustable achromat for focusing scattered light onto 200 μm slit. Slit position adjustable. Reflex mirror and high quality eye piece for viewing scattering region through slit. Filter turret with 632.8, 514.5, 488.0 nm, 2 closed positions, and 1 open position. Other filters available. Secondary pinhole turret: 100, 200, and 400 μm pinholes for DLS measurements; 1, 2, and 3 mm pinholes for SLS measurements/
BI-200SMPt Allows direct measurement and control of temperature in the index matching liquid, -25 °C to + 155 °C.
Standard Accessories
BI-TCD Temperature controller, external circulator type -20 to 100 °C, alphanumeric setting and readout, ± 0.1° stability
BI-FC Filtration/circulation system for index matching liquid. New gear pump and rigid Teflon tubing
BI-RC12 Nominal 12 mm O.D. round glass cell, polyethylene cap
BI-LRM Laser rail and mounts for most lasers. Lasers are frequently supplied by the user
BI-RC27 Nominal 27.5 mm O.D. dilution vials, package of 100 with HDPE screw caps
BI-SFS Sample filtration system provides a fast and convenient way to clean your light scattering samples
BI-APD Avalanche photo diode, up to 10 times the sensitivity
BI-TCA Temperature controller, external circulator type, -20 to 100 °C, analog setting and readout, ± 0.2° stability
BI-SC 10 mm path length glass square cell & PTFE cap
BI-RC25 Nominal 25 mm O.D. round quartz cell, dual Teflon tops, mounting ring
BI-PA Polarization analyzer, Glan-Thompson prism, 5 x 10-6 extinction, 2 position mount
BI-CrossCorr Eliminates detector artifacts by cross correlation
BI-SVC Small volume cell for precious samples
BI-HV High voltage power supply
BI-Spec/Adap Inquire about adapting parts of your existing light scattering systems

Dynamic and Static Light Scattering System - BI-200SM

TurboCorr Digital Correlator
An example of a Berry plot produced by the BI-200SM

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