Monitoring Oil and Greases with the Fastest FTIR Analyzer

The MINISCAN IR LOG is an extremely versatile and rapid FTIR analyzer engineered for on-site condition monitoring of greases and oils. It can also measure high or low levels of water in oil quickly and accurately without using harmful reagents.

Cost Saving

A condition monitoring device can be a hard-dollar saving investment if the analyzer allows checking quality of grease and lube oil instantly on-site. It facilitates well-timed and accurate response to oil degradation. If grease and oil condition is not checked continuously, extra costs are unavoidable: the failure to predict oil degradation causes engine-repair expenditures that can easily go up to more than a few hundred thousand dollars annually. An equal amount of costs can collect if costly greases and oils are swapped too early.

Easy and Fast Condition Monitoring

The MINISCAN IR LOG FTIR analyzer necessitates only a single drop of sample to accurately measure many performance indicators of greases and oils. Depletion of anti-wear oxidation additives and compounds, as well as the level of sulfates, soot, nitration, or water, is measured and pass/fail information is revealed in a few minutes. Preconfigured approaches can be easily selected for measuring various varieties of lubricating oils. Even inexperienced operators can carry out the measurement. The instrument is also able to establish high or low levels of water in oil, offering an ideal substitute to Karl Fischer titration. The FTIR analyzer decreases measurement time to minutes, no harmful chemicals are needed for testing, and results are methodically as accurate as or better than KF titration.


Unique Dial-Path Setup

The MINISCAN IR LOG has an exclusive dial-path installation, which enables easy switching between sample cells. Three types of path lengths are pre-configured: a 50 micron sample cell for rapid screening, a 100 micron cell for EN and ASTM compliant measurements, and a 1000 micron cell that allows the detection of extremely low levels of contaminants or additives in oil. This arrangement ensures that the instrument follows and surpasses precision requirements stated in different EN, ASTM, or IP procedures.

Compact and Robust for Field Testing

Since the sample is straight away applied to the measuring cell instead of flowing through the cell, instrument performance is not restricted by the sample’s viscosity or by particle contamination, which could damage the measuring cell. Cell rinsing is not needed; a simple tissue can be used to clean out the cell. Chemicals are not needed to conduct reference measurements. Ease of use, versatility, and the possibility to measure grease and oil directly on-site and in real time make the MINISCAN IR LOG an ideal solution for tracking lubrication of generators, engines, or turbines and for measuring degradation of transformer and hydraulic oils.

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