Resilient and Intelligent Ultra-High Current Servo Drive

Elmo Motion Control offers the latest GOLD Drum 550 ultra-high current servo drive, which is specifically designed to provide the highest intelligence and power density. It functions from a DC power voltage input source, supplying around 550 A (550A/100 VDC of continuous power) and operating from a 11 to 94 VDC power voltage bus in an extremely compact package.

The GOLD Drum 550 servo drive is perfect for heavy-duty lifts, turrets, UAVs, AGVs, and unmanned systems. It is also extremely resilient and works in position, advanced position, velocity and current modes, in tandem with a DC brush motor, permanent-magnet synchronous brushless motor, voice coil, or linear motor. The servo drive can be used with any kind of trapezoidal and sinusoidal commutation, with vector control.

The latest GOLD Drum 550 can be linked to a 100 V direct-to-main DC source (ELP-30 is the recommended mating power supply), and it functions through the main power supply (VP+ and VN) without requiring a control supply. In case there is a need for backup functionality, a control power supply (working from an isolated voltage source) within the 12–95 VDC range can be connected. This gives optional backup functionality and maximum flexibility when required.

The Gold Drum 550 ultra-high current servo drive uses a real-time network and works as a stand-alone device and as part of a multi-axis system in a distributed configuration. The drive can be easily set up and adjusted with the help of Elmo Application Studio (EASII) software tools, while it can be fully programmed using Elmo’s motion control language.


  • Operates from a 12–95 VDC source DC power source
  • Supplies around 550 A while operating from 11 to 94 VDC power voltage bus
  • Extremely compact package, with dimensions of 195 x 222 x 100 mm and weight of 3.6 kg
  • Integrated with Gold Line core motion control technology
  • Operates in position, advanced position, velocity, and current modes, in combination with a voice coil, linear motor, DC brush motor, or permanent-magnet synchronous brushless motor
  • Extremely efficient, high bandwidth performance
  • Very fast and advanced vector control algorithm (current loop bandwidth: 4 kHz)
  • Supports an array of feedback—Resolver, encoder, incremental, Analog Halls, Digital Halls, potentiometer, absolute serial encoders, and analog 1V PTP (Sin/Cos)
  • Multiple communication options—CANopen, EtherCAT (or EtherCAT with switches), Ethernet, RS-422 USB, and RS-232
  • Six digital inputs and four digital outputs—Supports PLC Sink, PLC Source, and TTL I/O types
  • Elmo Application Studio (EAS) software tools enable optimized set-up and adjustments with Elmo Application Studio (EAS) software tools
  • Sophisticated filtering and gain scheduling options for improved dynamic performance
  • Conforms to rigorous Safety, EMC, and environmental standards

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