NANO Servo Drive—Gold Twitter

The NANO Servo Drive from Elmo Motion Control Ltd delivers more than 5500 qualitative Watts.


  • Ultra-high current—up to 80A/80V, 50A/100V
  • Ultra-small, ultra-efficient, engineered to be mounted on a PCB
  • High power density, more than 5500 of “Qualitative” Watts
  • Record-breaking weight of only 18–22 g (less than 1 oz.)
  • Compatible with any feedback sensor in single, dual, and gantry loop configurations
  • Wide operating ranges:
    • “60 VDC,” 6 VDC–55 VDC
    • “100 VDC,” 10 VDC–95 VDC
    • “200 VDC,” 20 VDC–195 VDC
  • Sophisticated networking by CANOpen or EtherCAT
  • Includes proprietary “Fast and Soft Switching Technology” leading to efficiency of more than 99% yet negligible EMI

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