Wallace Aging Chamber for Reliable Aging of Rubber Samples

The Wallace O14 Aging Chamber is designed for use along with high-speed cutter (WAS2) in order to enhance productivity. The Aging Chamber ages rubber in compliance with universal standards. Dependable aging of samples is an essential part of establishing the Plasticity Retention Index (PRI) of raw natural rubbers.

  • Independently verified
  • Double capacity (96 samples)
  • Traceability fixture

The O14 can be used along with the Wallace Plastimeter (P14), high-speed cutter (WAS2), and traceability fixture to guarantee highest productivity.

New Highlights

  • Better air flow for reliable, consistent results
  • Up to 96 samples
  • Traceability fixture that streamlines sample handling and enhances traceability
  • Optical sensors for enhanced drawer operation


  • Accurate and dependable temperature control
  • Tri-color LEDs show status for all four test compartments
  • Easy access to swap air filter
  • Advanced PID temperature controller with digital display
  • Drawers are individually time regulated

The O14 is housed in a robust steel case and features an aluminum block containing four chambers that hold the drawer units and sample dishes. Superior quality insulation within the case curtails heat loss. A temperature of 140 °C (as indicated by the standard) is sustained by a PID Controller, which constantly displays the chamber temperature. The O14 has an extra protective feature whereby if the temperature goes beyond 150 °C, the over-temperature cutout will be triggered and all LEDs will flash concurrently.

Simple Test Procedure

The Wallace high-speed cutter is used to cut test samples, which are then placed in drawers in the traceability fixture. A timing sequence is activated for a chamber when a corresponding drawer is inserted. When the 30 minute aging process is completed, the color of the LED light changes and an audible alarm sounds, alerting the operator to remove the sample tray.

If the aging period is surpassed, the LED light switches to red, suggesting that the samples should be cast-off. The sample tray is positioned in the traceability fixture and moved to P14 for PRI test. Then, the samples are left alone for a minimum of 30 minutes to a maximum of 2 hours (ISO, ASTM standards) to reach room temperature before PRI testing.


Wallace Ageing Chamber (WAO14-96)
Weight 23 kg
Dimensions 270 x 490 x 230 mm (w x d x h)
Maximum Power 200 W
Chamber size 50 x 12 x 280 mm (w x d x h)
Number of heating chambers 4
Number of dishes per tray 8
Number of samples per tray 24 max
Number of samples per O14 96 max
Operating temperature 140 ºC ±0.2 ºC
Temperature recovery <3 mins @ 140 ºC after sample insertion
Standards BS ISO 2007, BS ISO 2930, ASTM D3194


Ageing chamber 1 off
High capacity trays 8 off (4 off in oven, 4 off in fixture)
Dishes 120 off
Traceability fixture trays 4 off
Traceability fixture coloured buttons 80 off

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