Determine Oxidative Resistance of Edible Oils with microESR from Bruker

Edible oil turning rancid is a big concern in food-related industries. Rancidity occurs during the storage of oil through the oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids, resulting in a foul taste and odor in the end product.

Bruker’s benchtop electron spin resonance instrument and software solution have been exclusively developed for measuring oxidation and shelf life in liquids. The combined system and SOP offer a simple workflow for evaluating oxidation profiles in liquid samples. The main metrics such as end-point free radical concentration and induction time are calculated automatically.

Rapid, accurate determination of oxidative resistance helps manufacturers to take timely, informed process control decisions.

  • Compact and lightweight with a very small footprint
  • Establishes oxidative resistance in less than 30 minutes
  • Includes SOP for sample preparation and examination
  • Measures free radicals rather than end products

New Sample Bench Automation

  • Exclusively engineered for the microESR
  • Offers automated, unsupervised use
  • 100% reproducible results


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