Fastest Remote Plasma Production ALD on the Market - Atomfab

Oxford Instruments’ Atomfab is designed to deliver rapid, low damage, low CoO production plasma ALD processing for RF devices and GaN power. It is the fastest commercial remote plasma production ALD system available.

Solutions for User’s Production Requirements

  • High material quality
  • Low CoO
  • Superior film uniformity
  • Rapid and easy maintenance
  • Low substrate damage
  • Clusterable and automated wafer handling
  • High throughput, faster cycles times



Excellent passivation and dielectric properties enable the demanding device performance critical for key applications.


Remote plasma delivers a reproducible GaN interface. Atomfab precisely controls the plasma to protect the underlying sensitive GaN substrate.


High throughput delivered by a high deposition rate process on a high uptime HVM platform specifically developed for GaN power applications.

Process Benefits for Passivation of Power and RF Devices

  • Superior quality deposition with low film contamination
  • Guaranteed processes arrangement by Oxford Instruments’ engineers
  • Low-damage plasma processing
  • Lifetime process support for extra/new processes
  • Plasma surface pre-treatments
  • Short plasma exposure times facilitating high throughput

Advantages of Plasma ALD for GaN, Power, and RF Devices

  • Low damage, uniform deposition
  • With plasma pre-treatment before deposition to improve interface quality
  • ALD passivation, gate dielectric by Al2O3 films
  • Remote plasma ALD with regulated ion energy from near zero to 30 eV



Enhanced throughput and better uniformity to deliver remote plasma ALD to production.

Ground-breaking plasma source: Atomfab uses a patent-pending remote source specially engineered for atomic scale processing.

  • Rapid cycle times and reliability with an even plasma exposure and film deposition
  • Low damage for sensitive substrates for highest device performance
  • Short strike time (80 ms) for high throughput
  • Short plasma times (250 ms) facilitated by patent-pending AMU
  • Reproducible strike time and low reflected power for high yield

Global Customer Support

Oxford Instruments is dedicated to delivering a complete, flexible, and dependable international customer support. The company offers outstanding quality service throughout the service life of the system.

  • Global spare parts in strategic locations for swift response
  • Remote diagnostics software offers fast and easy fault diagnosis and resolution
  • Customized support contracts are available to suit budget and circumstances


Fastest Remote Plasma Production ALD on the Market - Atomfab

GaN HEMTs - Increased throughput & improved uniformity to bring remote plasma ALD to production
Atomfab MMX System – Front View
Atomfab Close-Up Side View
Atomfab System – Doors Open
Atomfab MMX – Open MMX

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