An EDXRF Spectrometer for the Petrochemical Industry—The S2 POLAR

The S2 POLAR is an advanced Energy-Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence (EDXRF) spectrometer designed specifically for the petrochemical industry.

The S2 POLAR instrument meets all the requirements for S analysis, ranging from diesel to crude oils. In addition to these, continuous process control of higher sulfur levels in refineries and norm-compliant Ultra-Low Sulfur (ULS) analysis of end products are also included.

The S2 POLAR conforms to the international S standards such as the ASTM D7220, D4294, and ISO 13032.

The capability to measure multiple elements at the same time, including P against residue build-up and Cl for corrosion prevention, makes the S2 POLAR suitable for meeting the analytical requirements of refineries in a single instrument.

Furthermore, the S2 POLAR is perfect for the norm-compliant analysis of additives in lubricating oils containing elements such as  P, Mg, Cl, S, Zn, Ca, and Mo—as per the ASTM D7751 and ASTM D6481 standards. It is also ideal for analyzing elements present in edible oils (for example: Mg, Ca, P) or palm oils.

Safe Liquid Sample Handling with SampleCare™

It is vital to have the highest instrument uptime for the operation. This is guaranteed with Bruker’s SampleCareTM technology, which prevents leakages of liquid samples and shields the main system components. This ensures maximum instrument availability.



S2 POLAR offers norm-compliant sulfur analysis from Ultra-Low Sulfur (ULS) levels in gasoline and diesel up to high levels in crude oil, as per international standards like ASTM D7220, D4294, and ISO 13032.

In addition, the multi-element potential of the S2 POLAR makes it suitable for measuring Cl to reduce the effect of corrosion, P against residue accumulation, or for monitoring catalyst elements in refinery processes.

Edible Oils

Multi-element analysis of additives in lubricating oils conforms to ASTM D6481 and D7751 standards, including P, Mg, Cl, S, Ca, Mo, and Zn. Moreover, the S2 POLAR is ideal for analyzing elements in edible oils (for example: P, Mg, Ca) or palm oils.

S2 POLAR—Technical Details

S2 POLAR Refinery Analyzer

  Specification Benefit

Elemental analysis in refineries e.g. sulfur analysis of

  • gasoline, diesel
  • biodiesel
  • kerosene, jet fuel, heating oil
  • naphtha, residual oil to crude

Further elements on request (e. g. P, Cl, Fe, Ni, V)

All refinery applications on one unit
Norms ASTM D7220-17: Sulfur in automotive, heating, and jet fuels from 3 ppm to 942 ppm
ASTM D4294-16: Sulfur in petroleum and petroleum products from 16 ppm to 5%
Ready-to-analyze solutions* for ASTM D7220 and D4294 including blanks, set of standards, QC and DC samples
Fulfills ISO 13032, 20847, 8754, IP 336, 496, 532,
and JIS K 2541-4

Norm-compliant sulfur analysis, internationally accepted, including ultra-low sulfur (ULS) applications


Dedicated, optional pre-installed push button methods to fit for purpose

Detection Limit (LLD) 0.7 ppm S at 300 s measurement time Precise and accurate S measurements, including ultra-low sulfur (ULS). Enables thesh-hold relevant process control at all steps in refineries
Measurement Range 3 ppm to 5% S, combined in one calibration with automated line switch
Higher concentrations on request
One calibration with wide concentration range

S2 POLAR Oil Analyzer

  Specification Benefit
Applications Elemental analysis of additives in oils and polymers Elemental analysis optimized for petrochemical products
Norms ASTM D6481-14: P, S, Ca, Zn,
ASTM D7751-16: Mg, P, S, Cl, Ca, Zn, Mo
Ready-to-analyze solutions* for ASTM D6481 and D7751 including blanks,
set of standards, QC and DC samples
Further elements and norms on request

Norm-compliant analysis, internationally accepted

Dedicated, optional pre-installed push button methods to fit for purpose

S2 POLAR Refinery & Oil Analyzer

  Specification Benefit
Atmosphere Modes Helium mode
Vacuum mode
Optimal light element analysis of liquids
Low cost of operation
Sample Preparation Liquid cups, SampleCare cups, Prolene and Mylar® foils, pipettes, balance Accessories ensure high throughput of liquid samples. Low-cost per sample due to standardized liquid cups
Further Options Emergency Machine Off (EMO)
Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
Sample rotation
Compliant with safety requirements
Enables removing of liquid samples
Enhanced precision for inhomogenous samples such as polymer pucks
X-ray Tube 50 W, high-power X-ray tube, max. voltage 50 kV, with polarizing HighSense™ beam path

Optionally: 30 kV max.
Max. power for short measurement times and high sample throughput, beam path optimized for petrochemical materials
Simplify regulatory efforts (e.g. Austria, France, Italy, Taiwan)
Detector HighSense™ ULS Silicon Drift Detector Highest count rates for fast analysis, low LLD
TouchControl™ Integrated 12.1'' TFT touchscreen, multilingual user interface: English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese IslandMode™ without external PC
Intuitive and easy-to-use, in your own language
Connectivity Ethernet port RJ45, 3x USB ports for mouse, keyboard, and printer; HDMI/VGA ports for external display, remote access via TCP/IP IslandMode™ but not isolated, various options for printing and network data transfer, even fully remotely
Power Supply 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz, max. 600 VA Standard wall plug
Dimensions; width x depth x height, weight 46.6 x 74.5 x 37.0 cm, 55 kg
18.3’’ x 29.3’’ x 14.6’’, 121 lbs
Small and compact for installations with limited space, e.g. for on-site process control in refineries
Safety DIN EN ISO 9001:2008, 2006/42/EC (CE-certified Machinery directive), 2014/35/EC (Electrical equipment), 2014/30/EC (Electromagnetic Compatibility),
German Type Approval and Vollschutz according to BfS RöV pending,
Fully radiation-protected system; radiation <1 μSv/h (H*), Compliant to ICRP, IAEA, EURATOM

* Optional packages
Mylar® is a trademark of DuPont Nemours Inc.
HighSense™, IslandMode™, SampleCare™, TouchControl™ are trademarks of Bruker AXS.

An EDXRF Spectrometer for the Petrochemical Industry—The S2 POLAR

S2 POLAR EDXRF spectrometer
Compact benchtop instrument
Measurement chamber with polymer sample
Norms for additive analysis in lubricating oils
Ease-of-use with TouchControl
Norms for sulfur analysis in petrochemical products
S2 POLAR with user
‘One Button’ Ready-to-analyze solutions

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