SCOUT: A High-Throughput Screening Tool for Cryo-Frozen Protein Samples

The characterization of protein structures from expression to the final structural model is a very complicated, expensive and laborious process. It is increasingly believed that automation of all the steps of this process is paramount to lowering costs and improving the success rate.

The SCOUT sample changing system automates the critical process of screening cryo-frozen protein samples to establish their diffraction quality.

  • SCOUT decreases the time taken to screen samples and also lessens the chances of sample damage during mounting and retrieval
  • SCOUT features the newest robotic and cryogenic technologies in an exclusive, compact configuration
  • SCOUT’s remarkable hardware integration goes concurrently with innovative software for bioinformatics and instrument control
  • SCOUT helps prepare for synchrotron trips and thus guarantees a more effective use of beam time

This integration of advanced hardware and software makes SCOUT the most suitable choice for crystal screening and data collection.




  • First in-house system integrating collaborative robot technology
  • Screening, data collection, and processing
  • Six-axis robot ceiling mounted in D8 VENTURE
  • Zero sample icing and low liquid nitrogen consumption
  • X-ray centering with AGH
  • Software programmed for ergonomic, efficient, and intuitive user interaction

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