The LYNXEYE Family of High Performance Detectors for XRD

Premium Performance Detectors for XRD

The new LYNXEYE family sports the world's best performing compound silicon strip detectors. Perfect for all X-ray diffraction and scattering applications, the new LYNXEYE detectors are the product of outstanding technical specifications matched with manufacturing quality and excellent system and software integration. The LYNXEYE is the only detector available on the market that offers this level of data quality and versatility of application.

The new SSD160-2 and the new LYNXEYE-2 are based on the unique LYNXEYE XE-T technology, extending the range of features and applications for which these instruments are suitable. Until now, only the LYNXEYE XE-T offered this level of versatility.

The new LYNXEYE family offers:

  • One single detector across all applications
  • 0D, 1D, and 2D diffraction
  • High speed data acquisition up to 450 times faster than a conventional point detector system
  • Superior energy resolution allowing for superior sample fluorescence filtering
  • Operation with all common characteristic X-ray emission lines: Cr, Co, Cu, Mo, and Ag radiation
  • Fully radiation-hard
  • Exceptional angular resolution (peak widths) and perfect line profile shapes
  • Outstanding peak-to-background ratio for the highest sensitivity and data quality
  • Compatible with all current Bruker diffractometers (D2 PHASER, D8 family)


Key specifications SSD160-2 LYNXEYE-2 LYNXEYE XE-T
Nr. of channels 1) 160 (up to 2400) 192 (up to 2880) 192 (up to 2880)
Active window 12 x 16 mm 14.4 x 16 mm 14.4 x 16 mm
Speed gain 125 2) 150 2) 150 2) / 450 3)
Angular coverage 4) ~2.5° 2θ ~3° 2θ ~3° 2θ
Spatial resolution 75 μm 75 μm 75 μm
Energy resolution 5) <1000 eV (426 eV) <1000 eV (426 eV) <380 eV (<160 eV)
Maximum global count rate ~125,000,000 cps ~150,000,000 cps ~150,000,000 cps
Background noise <0.05 c/s for the whole detector
Wavelengths Cr, Co, Cu, Mo, and Ag
One detector for all energies: Absolutely radiation hard
Sensor thickness 500 μm
Sensor efficiency >99% for Cr, Co, Cu; ~50% for Mo; ~30% for Ag
Nr. of defective channels max. 1 0 6) 0 6)

1) Channels (subchannels)
2) High-intensity mode
3) High- energy resolution mode
4) @ 250 mm goniometer radius
5) @ ~8keV: FWHM (
6) All strips guaranteed to work at delivery time

Common Key features
0D, 1D, and 2D diffraction:
X-Ray Powder Diffraction (XRPD) data, Pair-Distribution Function (PDF) data
Superb filtering of fluorescence
All detectors can be turned 90° with optional 0°/90°mount 1)
Variable Detector Opening (VDO) fully supporting Dynamic Beam Optimization (DBO)
Bragg2D - 2-D data collection in Bragg-Brentano line focus geometry
Fully supported by DAVINCI.DESIGN component recognition: Detector model, orientation (0°/90°),
Soller slits, Kß filters, absorbers
Mode of operation:
Scanning 1-D mode for fast 1-D data collection
Scanning 2-D mode for 2-D data collection 1)
Fixed 1-D mode measurements for ultra-fast measurements
Fixed 1-D mode measurements and turned by 90° for ultra-fast non-coplanar measurements 1)
0-D ("point detector") mode for high-resolution parallel-beam geometry
0-D mode and turned by 90° to cover an extremely large dynamic range 1)

1) Requires optional 0°/90°mount, only available for the D8 ADVANCE and D8 DISCOVER diffractometer families.

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