The EIGER2 R 500K Multi-mode (0D/1D/2D) Detector for XRD

A multi-mode 0D, 1D, and 2D detector designed especially for laboratory instruments, the EIGER2 R 500K is founded on the newest generation of hybrid photon counting (HPC) technology, developed by Dectris Ltd.

Comprehensive collaboration throughout the EIGER2 R 500K’s development achieved exceptional physical integration into Bruker AXS’ D8 ADVANCE and D8 DISCOVER, along with excellent digital integration into DIFFRAC.SUITE software for measurement and analysis.

Core Benefits of the EIGER2 R 500K for the D8 Family

  • Superior sensor design
  • Ergonomic design for dynamic detection
  • Wide range of measurement modes
  • Solution level integration
Detector Feature User Benefit
Large active area Ability to rotate and excellent γ- and 2Θ-coverage
Highest number of pixels High quality spatial resolution across the active area
Perfect pixel size Balance resolution, count rate, and charge sharing
Maximum count rate Perfect for HRXRD and XRR
High dynamic range Maximum sensitivity for best 2D data quality
Media-free operation No additional equipment or consumables necessary for operation
Radiation-hard Covering Cr to Ag, no damage incurred by direct beam


Superior Sensor Design

  • Second generation of the revolutionary EIGER technology
  • Macroscopic coverage with macroscopic resolution
  • Maximum count rate and dynamic range

Extensive Measurement Modes

  • 0D, 1D, and 2D
  • Snap-Shot mode
  • Options for step, continuous or advanced scanning

Ergonomic Design for Dynamic Detection

  • Novel detector mount
  • Streamlined, lightweight design
  • 0°/90° to optimize coverage
  • Continuously variable detector distance
  • Panoramic options and accessories

Solution Level Integration

  • Fully integrated into the D8 control software
  • Real-time component recognition
  • WIZARD for planning Commander or direct measurement
  • Native 0D, 1D, and 2D data support in analysis

The EIGER2 R 500K Multi-mode (0D/1D/2D) Detector for XRD

EIGER2 R 500K - Image 1
Advanced Sensor Design
Multitude Measurement Modes
Ergonomic Design for Dynamic Detection
Solution Level Integration
Advanced powder diffraction
Capillary transmission
Non-ambient diffraction
Residual stress
Gamma-optimized mode
2Theta-optimized mode
Capillary transmission

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