ElvaX Plus Standard XRF System

The ElvaX Plus spectrometer from Elvatech is a desktop energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) analyzer with a broad element range from Na (Z=11) to U (Z=92). The helium purge system and the automatic primary filter changer integrated with the large area SDD detector are employed to enable effective registration of the light elements spectra.

ElvaX Plus spectrometer is employed for qualitative and quantitative examination of the elemental composition of metal alloys, powders, liquids, food, and biological samples, and also samples accumulated on surfaces or filters in a broad variety of element concentrations. The analyzer’s detecting limit is better than 1 ppm for the majority of elements in a light matrix.


The robust hardware and exclusive software algorithms allow the ElvaX Plus to provide the maximum accuracy and precision of elemental analysis for a broad variety of materials


Due to the Dynamically Adaptive Shaping (DAS) DPP created by Elvatech and integrated with the Fast SDD detector, the ElvaX Plus becomes the fastest XRF analyzer available on the market.


Due to the automatic calibration adjustment, automatic temperature and pressure correction, and digiX-50 digital X-Ray source, ElvaX Plus provides long-life reproducibility of the analysis eliminating the need for system re-calibration.


  • Extensive element detection range from Na (Z=11) to U (Z=92)
  • World’s most rapid XRF analyzer (throughput above 400 000 cps) — maximum accuracy and exceptional precision within the shortest measurement time
  • Helium purge feature enhances sensitivity to light elements (Na, Mg, Al, Si, P, S)
  • Outstanding calibration stability, compensation of ambient pressure and temperature changes
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Optional high-resolution CCD camera for exact sample positioning
  • Optional 16-position automatic sample changer improves productivity of the lab

ElvaX Plus is a straightforward and robust device to swiftly perform analytical jobs on a regular basis for the broadest range of applications.

ElvaX Plus integrates a robust analytical software toolkit with a user-friendly interface, enabling even novice operators to carry out any required measurements within minutes.


  • RoHS and WEEE
  • PMI and alloy
  • Archeometry
  • Mining and exploration
  • Environmental analysis
  • Clays and oxide
  • Sulfur in oil
  • General chemical
  • Cement
  • Soil and sediment

Fast and Precise

With the better throughput offered by the high-tech DAS DPP, the maximum accuracy analysis outcomes can be obtained in just a few seconds.

Wide Application Range

ElvaX Plus is a multi-purpose lab instrument for elemental analysis of powders, solids, and liquids in a range of analytical applications.


Digital X-Ray Source digiX-50

  • Voltage: 50 kV
  • Current: 200 µAmp
  • Anode: W, Rh, Ag
  • 5-position filter changer
  • Power: 5 W

X-Ray Detector

  • Area: 25 mm2
  • Type: Fast SDD
  • Count rate: 500 000 cps
  • Energy resolution: 140 eV at Mn Kα, 85 eV at Al Kα


  • MCA: 4096 channels
  • DPP: Proprietary Dynamically Adaptive Shaping (DAS) type, 80  MHz sampling rate


  • Weight: 18 kg
  • Dimensions: 430 х 340 х 200 mm
  • Power consumption: 40 W
  • Power supply: 90 – 240 V, 50/60 Hz


  • Analysis algorithms: Fundamental parameters (FPA), Empirical (regression) calibrations, manual spectra comparison
  • Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

ElvaX Plus Standard XRF System

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Fast and Precise
Wide Applications Range

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