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Material Handling Units with a Dual-Arm Robot

Several industrial applications need completely automated measurements with high throughput. This, in turn, requires automated sample handling.

The MicroProf® MHU has been specifically developed for the semiconductor, LED, and MEMS industry and is easily configurable for a range of sample (wafer) types. The handling unit can manage wafer sizes ranging from 2 to 12 inches. Based on the configuration, it is possible to process up to four cassettes at the same time.

Highlights of MicroProf® MHU

  • Offers high throughput, up to 220 w/hour
  • Includes material handling unit with dual-arm robot
  • Optional with OCR reader / Pre-aligner
  • Includes loading station for open cassettes
  • Optional with SECS / GEM interface
  • Includes sorting function for separating good and bad samples

TTV Option

The tabletop tool as well as the standalone systems of the MicroProf® series incorporates the option for two-sided sample inspection. This allows the measurement of the bottom and top side of the sample thickness. The sample’s total thickness variation (TTV) can be measured together with surface parameters such as the waviness, flatness, and roughness of both surfaces. Users can easily retrofit the TTV option on site.

Material Handling Units with a Twin-Arm Robot

MicroProf® MHU
TTV Option
MicroProf® MHU

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