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Flexible Multi-Sensor Metrology Tool for Advanced Packaging

FRT MicroProf® AP is a completely automated wafer metrology tool that can be used for an extensive range of applications at various 3D packaging process steps. Examples include measurement of photoresist (PR) coatings and structuring, through silicon vias (TSVs) or trenches following etching, Cu pillars, and μ-bumps, as well as for measurement during bonding, thinning, and stacking processes.

MicroProf® AP’s modular multi-sensor concept offers high flexibility and versatility. This makes it best suited to carry out an array of measurement tasks in sophisticated packaging using just one metrology tool.


  • Individual configuration for user-specific applications
  • Flexible multi-sensor metrology tool for sophisticated packaging
  • Wafer handling unit incorporating open cassettes and SEMI-standard FOUPs/FOSBs
  • TSV etching, RDL/UBM/bumping, Cu nail reveal, critical dimensions and overlay
  • Retrofit on demand

Automated Handling

The MicroProf® AP has been built for completely automated processing of 300 mm / 200 mm / 150 mm open cassettes and 300 mm FOUPS/FOSBs. In addition, it is possible to configure the tool for handling of panels and processing frame cassettes. The handling part is equipped with two load ports with RFID reader and mapper, a robot including an end-effector, optional OCR reader stations, and a pre-aligner.

The system has the potential to process highly warped wafers (for example, eLWB), SEMI standard wafers, wafers on tape, bonded wafers, bare and thinned wafers, TAIKO, and even fan-out wafers. The EFEM is provided with filter fan units (FFU) that offer ISO Class 3 Cleanroom conditions inside the tool.

Powerful Recipes for Every Process Step

The tool is operated by the SEMI-compliant Acquire Automation XT software. Furthermore, there is an option for fine sample alignment through pattern recognition. This software offers comprehensive capabilities such as completely automated measurement with one-button-operation, manual measurement on the device, and incorporation into production control systems, for example, through a SECS/GEM interface.

Flexible Multi-Sensor Metrology Tool for Advanced Packaging

2.5D/3D IC Packaging - Process Flow
Automated Handling
Powerful Recipes for Every Process Step

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