Fast and Reliable Distillation Analysis - OptiPMD

The OptiPMD is the second generation of an advanced solution for swift and dependable distillation analysis. It complies with ASTM D7345 and IP 596, and is perfectly correlated to ISO 3405, D1160 (B100), ASTM D86, and IP 123.

OptiPMD establishes the boiling range properties of petroleum products within 10 minutes, using just 10 mL of a sample. It is included in a minimum of 10 fuel specifications.

OptiPMD’s method, ASTM D7345, provides considerably quicker results than the traditional ASTM D86 technique, saving users 25 to 35 minutes in every distillation process.

Features and Benefits

  • Used to analyze gasoline (including up to 20% ethanol), kerosene, diesel, jet fuel, and biodiesel (FAME)
  • Perfectly correlated to ASTM D86, D1160 (biodiesel B100), ISO 3405, and IP123
  • Adherent to IP 596 and ASTM D7345
  • Compliant with fuel specifications in Canada, Chile, UK, EU, Mexico, and India
  • Included in a minimum of 10 ASTM fuel specifications as a substitute to D86


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