Park Systems XE-Bio Atomic Force Microscope

The XE-Bio is an innovative yet user-friendly Atomic Force Microscope designed specifically for biomedical and other advanced life science research. The modular design of the XE-Bio provides the user with a wide array of imaging modes including the revolutionary Scanning Ion Conductance Microscopy (SICM) module. The SICM module is specifically designed for non-contact in-liquid imaging, which makes XE-Bio ideal for imaging biological samples in dynamic conditions such as living cells. AFM, SICM, and optical microscopy can easily be adapted to a host of qualitative and quantitative imaging applications including, but not limited to, cell biology, diagnostic medical science, drug delivery testing and pathology. The user-friendly structure and design of XE-Bio empowers the researcher to easily build customized experimental set-up.

Key Specifications

  • In-liquid and live cell imaging by SICM
  • True Non-Contact AFM imaging in dry condition and in liquid
  • Modular design for maximum adaptability
  • Fully compatible with phase contrast, DIC, and fluorescence imaging mode
  • Fully integrated inverted microscope (option)
  • Large XY scan range of 100 µm × 100 µm
  • Long Z scan range of 25 µm

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