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Intelligent Site Survey Analysis with the WaveCatcher

Herzan has developed and improved the WaveCatcher site survey tool to provide complete environmental data in a compact and easy-to-use package. The tool offers intelligent and intuitive site survey analysis.

The WaveCatcher is designed so that it can be accessed and easily used by any user. It offers accurately measured environmental data at the touch of a button.

The WaveCatcher uses robust hardware options and configurable software features that allow it to obtain complete and complex environmental data (such as EMI noise, acoustic, and vibration) within seconds.

It is easy to define the WaveCatcher package: customers can simply inform Herzan about the type of environmental noise that needs to be determined and the range of frequency required; the company will provide the most optimized solution that meets their research requirements.

Hardware Features

The WaveCatcher can be used with a wide range of EMI, acoustic, and vibration sensors, which can be simply modified to meet the needs of any kind of application. Some of the hardware options available with the WaveCatcher tool are given below:

  • Triple axis EMI sensor
  • Triple or single-axis vibration sensor
  • Broadband acoustic microphone
  • Compact computer with WaveCatcher signal analysis software
  • Analog-to-digital converter
  • Highly portable and compact carrying case

Software Features

Herzan’s WaveCatcher software is being continuously developed, allowing scientists to gain better insights into their environment. Its contemporary software design allows users to rapidly and precisely carry out site survey measurements at the touch of a button.

Overall enhancements and innovative features are added to the software every month, and these are available to all WaveCatcher users who have subscribed to the WaveCatcher Software Upgrade plan.

Some of the major features provided with the WaveCatcher software are given below:

  • Multi-sensor measurements: Multiple sensor measurements for customized and complex data collection, known for transmissibility testing
  • Rapid measurements: EMI noise, vibration, and acoustic can be rapidly measured at the touch of a button
  • Dynamic data post-processing: Dynamic post-processing feature enables instant examination and assessment of sample modes and measurement data
  • Multiple measurement modes: The WaveCatcher software is available with numerous measurement modes to support a wide range of measurement requirements (for example, FFT, continuous, and periodic)
  • High repeatability: User-defined and pre-loaded protocols allow users to perform measurements with reliable and consistent measurement parameters


Complete Software Support

A range of support services is now provided to WaveCatcher users. These services are customized to improve and extend the user’s experience of the WaveCatcher software, while making sure that the hardware provided with the WaveCatcher tool remains precisely calibrated. The following support services can be bought separately or as a package at a discount price (that is, Complete Software Services Package).

  • Annual Sensor Calibration—All standard A-to-D converters and sensors available with the WaveCatcher tool are currently entitled to routine calibration, which will enhance the precision and reliability of data obtained over time.
  • Annual Software Support (Online)—WaveCatcher users will receive complete online support for the WaveCatcher software, guaranteeing the highest up-time for the data measurement tool. A representative from Herzan will offer personalized solutions to any problem faced with the WaveCatcher software in a prompt manner (within two business days).
  • Automatic Software Upgrades—WaveCatcher users will receive regular improvements and updates that will improve their experience with the WaveCatcher software. Both improvements and updates will be released regularly and will range from routine bug fixes to major software improvements.

Upcoming Upgrade Modules

Innovative features are added to the WaveCatcher software every month, and these are fueled by customer response and overall improvements made to the tool itself. The Annual Software Upgrade subscription includes some features, while others will be standalone upgrade modules that should be bought individually.

The WaveCatcher software development schedule will soon include the following features:

  • Visualization of isolation systems for measurements: Herzan’s WaveCatcher software will soon be able to dynamically envision the improvement made to a Herzan environmental isolation system, with the data determined in the environment. This will allow a user to rapidly determine whether a room can be purchased within the specification of the instrument.
  • Automated reports: Automatic report generation is being created for scientists who wish to simplify the reporting process based on a site determined.
  • Remote data access and operation: A database integration system is being created for remote access to data, larger data files, and remote operation of the WaveCatcher tool.

Intelligent Site Survey Analysis with the WaveCatcher

Compact Carrying Case
3-Axis Low-Frequency Vibration Sensor
Broad Frequency Acoustic Microphone
3-Axis AC/DC EMI Sensor
Researchers can measure and understand their environment within seconds when using the WaveCatcher site survey tool.

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