3D-Contour Scan Head with High-Speed Focuser

FARO®’s 3D-Contour is a scanning solution that delivers 3-axis capabilities in a compact platform for small to medium field sizes. The in-built design incorporates FARO®’s cutting-edge galvanometer technology offering excellent bandwidth, flexibility, and accuracy. In addition, the design includes a high-bandwidth Z-axis mechanism for marking on extremely contoured surfaces.

FARO®’s 3-Axis scan heads are built to work seamlessly with its WinLase® Laser Scan Control Software and process controllers, thus enabling effortless integration into assembly lines and workstations.

An XY galvo pair’s natural focal surface is a shallow sphere. One solution to work on planar samples is an f-theta lens, but this bloats laser spots, restricts field size, and is costly. FARO®’s BLINK High-Speed Focuser is a much better solution.

When BLINK is used as the focusing element of a post-objective scanning system, it dynamically maps a focal correction onto the laser beam as a function of its XY position, enabling large planar samples to be processed at high speed with very tiny spot sizes, and assists the processing of 3D samples. BLINK integrates a precision ground guideway with direct voice-coil drive, leading to a highly compact, high-performance focuser capable of nonstop operation with a 50-G peak sine wave; its ultra-low moving mass reduces reaction forces.

With only a single moving part, BLINK is highly reliable and offers extended service life when compared to conventional taut band actuators. When used along with the 3D-Contour, it offers a remarkable 170 mm focus depth at 64 µm spot size over a 450 mm field (Nd-YAG).

Features of the FARO® 3D-Contour Scan Head

  • Suitable for high-volume factory laser processing
  • Large field/small spot: The 3D-Contour can scan fields as large as 1 m x 1 m and create a laser spot size as small as 30 µm for marking any area in the field. The ability to vary the field and spot size delivers application versatility.
  • Versatile for process development and job shop settings
  • 13 mm input, 20 mm mirror aperture
  • Processes 3D work surface: The 3D-Contour adds an XY scan head as well as a linear lens translator (the Z-axis) that can create a contoured or flat field by dynamically aiming at the surface of the workpiece.
  • Wavelength: 1064 nm
  • Custom correction files can be easily produced

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