3D Laser Processing with High-Speed Focusers

An XY galvo pair’s natural focal surface is a shallow sphere. One way to work on planar samples is to use an f-theta lens. However, this lens is costly, limits the field size, and bloats the laser spots. A much better option would be to use FARO®’s BLINK High-Speed Focuser.

When using BLINK as a post-objective scanning system’s focusing element, a focal correction is dynamically mapped onto the laser beam as a function of its XY position. This enables large planar samples to be processed with high speed and very small spot sizes. In addition, BLINK supports 3D-sample processing. The device integrates a precision ground guideway with direct voice-coil drive, leading to a highly compact, high-performance focuser.

BLINK has the potential to operate continuously with a 50-G peak sine wave. The system’s ultra-low moving mass reduces the reaction forces. BLINK includes only a single moving part, thereby ensuring extended service life and outstanding reliability than conventional taut band actuators.

When BLINK is incorporated into Contour 3-Axis Scan Head, it offers a striking focus depth of 170 mm at a spot size of 96 µm over a field measuring 450 mm (Nd-YAG). The incorporation of an industry-standard ½″ changeable lens tube enables handling field applications that might necessitate a quick-change lens configuration.

FARO®’s lens tube option is still compatible with the same ½″ singlets as its direct-bonded model; however, it comprises of an extra length threaded barrel that is compatible with industry-standard soft mounts and 40-pitch retaining rings. Direct-bonded optics is still the highest performance solution and the lowest moving mass, which can be obtained through special order.

FARO® BLINK Features

  • Small spots, large fields, and substitutes f-theta lenses
  • Extremely high dynamics — works continuously at a 50-G peak sine wave
  • Servo bandwidth of >500 Hz
  • Precision, frictionless ground guideway/voice coil design (patent-pending)
  • Extremely low reactive forces
  • Up to 13 mm stroke and 13 mm clear aperture

3D Laser Processing with High-Speed Focusers

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