2-Axis Scan Head for XY Deflection Capability

The Xtreme 2-Axis Scan Heads from FARO® offer XY deflection potential for all laser applications. The heads are equipped with two galvanometers, communication electronics, two servo amplifiers, and two mirrors.

The two turning mirrors operate in a synchronous manner, thus directing the laser beam to particular locations on a target material surface. Adapters are available for an extensive range of laser collimators and f-theta focusing lenses.

The Xtreme Series Packaged 2-Axis Scan Head offers excellent high-speed performance for challenging laser applications, and is available with apertures measuring 10 or 15 mm and for different wavelengths. The scan head combines the XY2-100 digital interface with stand-alone and PC-based software and hardware packages, for marking and micromachining. Also available are analog input versions.

The Xtreme Series Scan Heads integrate FARO®’s galvanometers with optical position detector technology, thus they are an ideal building block for any type of laser beam positioning system. The novel designs of the galvo rotor and the mirror mount minimize resonances, thereby enabling faster scanning.

FARO® Xtreme Series Features

  • The system has been designed to accept XY2-100 digital input signals
    • The Xtreme Scan Head can be easily incorporated into systems with the help of the standard XY2-100 protocol
  • Mirror sizes of 10 mm and 15 mm are available
  • Vast selection of scan lenses
  • Optional 20 mm beam shutter

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