Self-Tuning Laser Scan Head with High Precision and Scan Rate

The FARO® Digi-Cube is a 10 mm aperture digital servo-controlled scan head with a high scan rate and high precision. It costs lesser than similar lower performance analog models.

FARO® Digi-Cube

The scan head completely matches with an industry-standard mounting interface and is a high-value substitute to lower performance products made by other scan head manufacturers.

The Digi-Cube Digital Scan Head has been engineered for simple OEM integration and plug-and-play replacement of current analog scan heads, thus streamlining compatibility and installation problems. The Digi-Cube uses the standard XY2-100 communication protocol, thus including power and communication pinouts, industry-standard mechanical bolt pattern, and a broad range of mirror coatings and lenses.

The Self-Tuning Technology automatically makes up for mechanical wear, thus prolonging the service life and avoiding the problems faced while using conventional analog servo filters.

The Digi-Cube uses the Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology to quickly measure and predict the precise drive impulses needed to accomplish small mirror movements with the fastest possible acceleration, thereby providing a remarkable 1,000 impressions per second.

Thorough self-diagnosis and system check establish the operating parameters of the individual galvos, thus guaranteeing accuracy, and precise, defect-free laser marking positioning than analog models that necessitate complex manual recalibration after extended usage. The Digi-Cube provides 50% to 100% better speed performance when marking time is restricted to galvo performance, instead of laser power.

Features of the FARO® Digi-Cube

  • Efficient and compact DSP design
  • Better productivity with considerably faster and more accurate vector performance compared to analog heads
  • Easily fits to any existing or new production line
  • Enhanced dynamic performance
  • Lower internal temperatures decrease temperature drift
  • Fast mark “on the fly” processing with supported controllers
  • Adaptable with any system with the help of the digital XY2-100 interface protocol
  • Easy, fast installation with industry-standard mounting and communication protocol
  • Automatic tuning checks when turned on
  • Most economical technique for improving the performance of scan heads

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