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Laser Marking Software to Improve Productivity

The high-performance laser marking software products available from FARO® are built to enhance productivity in high-speed automation settings. FARO®’s user-friendly WinLase® packages combine seamlessly with the company’s process controllers and offer up to 24 bit laser marking control over Ethernet to match high-speed laser marking challenges for contemporary smart factory surroundings.

Jobs can be built into the interface using Profinet and EtherNet/IP devices to realize real-time automation. Intuitive, easy-to-learn user interface (UI) and SDK packages are also available.

WINLASE LAN — For OEMs and Integrators in Smart Factory Environments

Laser marking companies worldwide are recognizing the significant potential of networking and intelligent control. FARO®’s WinLase LAN Software together with the LEC Embedded Controller develops a robust environment wherein a single computer can regulate a range of smart laser marking devices. This combination of software and hardware delivers the advantages of networking — lower costs, simplified management, and versatility — with industry-leading performance.

WinLase LAN is currently available in three configurations (Standard, Save Only, and COM only); thus, users can select the product that best suits their application requirements.

  • Easy management with intelligent control
  • Design jobs for stand-alone processing, or stream jobs to LEC controllers
  • Configure and control individual LEC controllers at the same time
  • Robust Job Editor — design a marking job onscreen with the visual editor

WINLASE PRO — For Simplified Laser Management

WinLase Professional is a high-performance, multi-threaded, and robust laser marking solution for legacy PCI cards. It streamlines the management of pulsed fiber lasers, which need Serial Script Text files for laser control. These files can be produced within the software and transferred to the laser controller through a serial cable and the COM port.

  • Flexible architecture (any laser type, multi-head capable)
  • Intuitive, easy-to-learn interface
  • Integral COM automation server for quick development of custom user interfaces
  • Rich job editing feature set
  • VBScript and Jscript support for task automation scripting using text editors like Word and Notepad
  • Supports third-party PCI cards from SCANLAB and Canon

Features of the FARO® WINLASE® Laser Processing Software

  • Easy configuration
  • Works on Windows® 7 and Windows® 10
  • Supports graphic file import of most DWG and DXF files, GIF, EMF, PLT, WMF, MCL, EX2, JPG, BMP, PCX
  • Supports LEC Ethernet controller cards (WinLase LAN)
  • Supports 2D barcode types: DataMatrix, Denso QR Code, PDF417, GS-1
  • Supports OpenType, TrueType, and Laser fonts
  • Supports linear barcode types: Code 128, Code 39, CodaBar, Code 93, POSTNET, UPC A, UPC E, Interleaved 2 of 5, BookLAN, EAN 8, EAN 13, GS-1
  • Interfaces with intelligent motion controllers for many motion axis controls (only WinLase LAN)
  • Wide-ranging array of automation objects: Wait for Input, Time Delay, Set Output, Message Box, Rotary Motion, XY Motion, Alignment Tool, Linear Motion, Run Application, Serial Communication, Laser Control
  • Host Interface control via RS-232 or TCP/IP (WinLase Pro)
  • Regional language support for Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), English (United States), German (Germany), Italian, Korean, Japanese, French (France), Spanish (Spain)

Laser Marking Software to Improve Productivity

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